Sunday, January 1, 2012


Saturday night was great :D We danced and had fun ^________^ Took some funny pictures XD Anyways,we went to club first,and stayed there till 6 am XD Actually,Katty went to Hannie's place at around 2:30 :P Nina and I stayed at club,danced some more..In the end I was so tired,I barely could stand XD Nina found some hot guy to hang out with,so I was kind of left alone XD But some nice guy started talking with me and he was my company till we had to go ^^

When we got to Hannie's place,she,Katty,Nina and I set in one room and talked.We started talking rubbish and laughed so hard XDD Hahaha it was great!Came home at 9 am :D It was lovely morning!Sun was shining ^^

At the club they were playing all of our favorite songs!Oh,yeah,some girl kept on hitting us with her hair while we were dancing.We taught that we would kill her -.- Like,we danced by the dancing pole and she was like pulling ti so hard that it shook.That's not sexy XD Everything else was fine ^____^ We drank shots :D They were good!(After 8,Kamikaze and Tequila Sunrise)
We made these poop like cookies XDD hahaa it was a joke XD We had normal ones as well ^^ I just can't find the picture right now XD Sorry!

This was at Hannie's place..Those looked yummy but they're not >.<

Really cute Christmas tree ^___^


it was 8 am here XD So tired!But in a really good mood!!

The rest of the pictures is in Nina's cam -.- So,i dunno when we're gonna get them :P Byeeee ~


  1. Kakve ribHeeee !! :PP
    A pesma je super sada ;)))
    <3 <3 !!

  2. AHAHAHAHAH! Amazing cookies!!!
    Happy new year!!