Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Off-school days!

Our father is not letting me go to school because of the temperature outside. I have some health problems,so he wants to make sure that I don't get ill again...and again... As I always do..He talked to my headteacher and she said ok,but to bring some paper with excuse xD
I hope they will tell me all my homework,because i don't want to get stuck working some things while I'm going to school,struggling with other things. It's very often that they don't tell me all of it XD I guess they forget even their heads at school/home :D
But it's all forgiven... Because I succeed every time in doing what is needed...
At this moment,at school,we are doing silk painting,weaving,textile design and scene costume design :)
Because I have problems with people who stole some of my work,I won't post much of it here.. Only things that me/with my sister,did for some b-day or something like that...
This school is giving me many applicable ideas for making money! :) So I am really grateful.But it is really exhausting. And instead of sewing and tailoring,we have weaving and printing (on textile). It is really wrong,because we don't know how to do tailoring and realize some of our drawings. As for other things,they are making us capable of finding a solution to many problems in design.
However,going to this school is not cheap at all. We have to buy supplies for every professional subject and I have to pay monthly ticket for going to Belgrade and now even in Belgrade. (Yes,i was traveling without a card because I can't pay that much).. Also there is surviving at school all day-food,many other expenses,like case for paper etc.
If you are going to study design in Serbia you better prepare big amount of money for it.
EVERYTHING must be paid for,nothing is paid by the government (no matter that it is public school),and it is really expensive to buy,for example, paper in school. It's third time the price in some other stores,out of the school.We don't have any budget which can help students in need to go to that school or anything. That part really sucks.

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