Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our love is back! Canon!

We weren't able to transfer photos from him to PC and now we are!!!! Oh,we love you so much <3 (And daddy too,thanks!)
We have a tone of pics from 2 years ago? FUCK YEAH!

I mean... DAFAQ??~

We didn't see those pics for 2 years XD We didn't see them in large shape at all! XDDD hahaha fail

Yesterday evening we spent at Hannie's place. We had loads of fun and stayed there till morning. As we planned that so important cosplay,we played some games,listened to music and watched funny videos of some Visual Kei bands.. Time passed by really quickly,but at the end we were really tired. As we came to the station we bought coffee from coffee machine! It is sooo tasty *__* You should try it! I mean,if you are not from Belgrade I don't know how would you do it XD Anyway,that coffee machine is near Pancevacki most,on the bus station that goes in Karaburma direction! :D And it costs like 40 cents or something.
I (Katty) should do my school project now,so I will make this post short,but Sophie will write again later! :D

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