Saturday, January 26, 2013


I started working at one night club few weeks ago. As there was some misunderstanding, yesterday was my 2nd time. This is my first time working as a waitress, and I feel a little scared of making some mistake while doing it. The good thing is that the place I work in is the place we've been going for the past 5 years. So the place and people that go there are very well known to me.
 The reason I'm working at this moment (in the middle of  exams and stuff) is that we are planning on going to Budapest in May and we have to prepare a fashion collections for the "Festival of Japanese culture",so we need money for fabric and other stuff. Hope to make enough money for everything~! 
 I don't know if it is that difficult to find a student job in other countries too?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking a rest

We took a little rest from studying few days ago and went out with Milan,Natalia and Alex.We went for a walk and then ended up in one AMAZING cafe bakery with lots of cakes,cookies,creams,ice creams and stuff.We ordered Plazma shake (for those who aren't from Serbia,plazma is type of a biscuit that I like the most in the world! ).It was very tasty :3 We took some pictures,but unfortunately light was not very good,and there was too little space to make good ones.After some time we went out to walk a little more and went to Monument restaurant.I ordered pancake with cheese and ham.It was very good!* I have a picture of it but I'm having troubles with sending it from phone to computer -.-  * Katty didn't wanna eat anything...It was a very pleasant night.We came home a little earlier than we planned because we had to - guess what -! -.- I think my brain is overloaded.I just can't concentrate on anything anymore.I'm barely typing right now.So if there's a lot of mistakes in this post,I'm very sorry!

I wish there was more pictures than this...That place is really so adorable!Everything is somehow smaller than usual,like a doll house.Oh,yeah,it's name is Italian - Bacio :) I don't have any picture of my look that day :( And I really like what I had on myself!Damn.
Have a nice day!Bye~

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lolita inspired

Hello! I have two new skirts that we made *with our grandma* :) They are lolita inspired.I love lolita style but I think it's too much for me and I can't buy clothing or shoes here.I can't even order it because we don't have paypal. -.- So I decided to make my own skirts and dresses!And here are two of them:

This photo was taken two days ago in my school.I was having exam at that time,but I finished mine so I went out with friends.It's a bit blurry but Tamara's hands were shaking because she was sill nervous even though she finished hers as well. XD I know how she felt.I was like that too.

Unfortunately I still don't have good petticoat.Hopefully I will make it soon.Though skirts are pretty nice without it too ...Grandma bought material for this red one.She surprised me with it ^_^ I love that lace with hearts.
Yellow one is made from material Katty bought about a year ago.It was just standing in a bag doing nothing.So we thought to make a skirt out of it :) They are both made of cotton.I would like to add something to this yellow one but I have no idea what.Somehow it seems to me that it would be too much for everyday skirt....Any ideas?
I hope I will be able to find some cute materials for few more skirts.It's really hard to find them here.They are mostly one colored-no prints at all.Or they have some gross big flowers or something :S I would like to find something with straps.
And one more question.What do you think about this color for letters?I like it,but I don't know if it's hard for you to read like this....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finaly got some free time...

These last two weeks were so stressful.I have been studying all the time.Didn't have time to go out or even write a post.It's so hard.I'm tired mentally AND physically.I can't wait for exams to be finished.And I still have 5 of them left....Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow...and next week...and week after next week T_T Damn it.
Ok,I promised some pictures from New Year.They are not in very good quality but i like them very much :3 We really had nice time,everyone was relaxed.I now know that I like that kind of New Year better then going to some club or something like that.Because, when I'm tired I can sit and when I'm hungry I can eat.Haha,most important thing right? XD

The Adams family...! :D Haha.I wanted to wear those beautiful red boots,but it was snowing so I couldn't  :( They are very,very sensitive to water...I'll have to wait until spring.
Hopefully,I will have some time in the next few days so I will try to write some more.Hope you will have a great day! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great time in last two days!We had really much fun.Unfortunately our computer broke again so we have to use this laptop that barely works -.- We will write proper post in next few days,we just need to get pictures from our friend :) Have a great day!

                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR!