Monday, October 22, 2012

Night out and night in~

On Friday night N. and I went to Underworld (a club for "goth" people.). Sophie wasn't in the mood so we went there alone. N. called her friend to come along,so we waited for her there. It was really boring until midnight,but then every one came! It was a wave of black color in the read light. So funny. Minutes after it was a full place. While bored,some cool and scary photos were made!
Thank God there were candles on tables. Creepy,right?

Music was great whole time. We had a few incidents with some people and a few sincere laughs at some people too,but it was a great night after all!
N. wore her lenses for the first time,so her picture is quite.. Disturbing :D  But mine is even more disturbing than her because of my tired eye circles.
One guy (stuff) entered toilet with a bang while we were in it and kicked me with the door on my foot and arm. I wanted to slap him and step on his toes. He said sorry. And after half an hours he did the same. We were given a shot (drink) as an apology,but after he made another mistake. I wanted to enter the toilet and when I came to the door he just ran into it and closed them before me. BITCH :) The other barman and I started laughing and didn't believe our eyes.

On Saturday evening we went to Milan's place for a sleepover with Hannie and Natalia who came later. ON our way there we stopped by "Burrito bar" to take food that we ordered. I ran there with my big bag because I forgot to leave it in the cab and realized that it was a big mistake.  One big plastic bag full of food was waiting for me. And I had to run back with both. We came and hour late,but it was ok :)
Trough the night we laughed and talked. After some time we came to an idea of watching our old photos. It was a disaster. I (Katty) was double sized then. I didn't realize it at the time. It was a period when I had to take some steroids for my health and they ruined my body...
Natalia came later. She was really hyper and talked 300km/h xD
But we like to listen to her. Always has some interesting thoughts and ideas.
The FOOD! It was absolutely delicious! That tortilla chips is YUMMY! And the meat! So tasty! I want to eat there again.  We had chicken,pork,mushrooms,salad,beans,tortillas,nachos.. and all different kinds of sauces. Milan,of course,didn't even want to try any of it,so he ate chicken and tortilla.ALONE. Only with pavlaka (it is something like... sour sauce?)
Anyway,it was a BIG mistake.
And the cakes! Absolutely yummy. We had chocolate bomb,cheese cake and 'ice cube'. *__*

After a long night,we came back home at morning because we had some obligations there. Studying and drawing. -___-''

Later the other day,after sleeping only 4-5 hours,some of our friends from town came by unannounced. But we were glad. Iliya tried some of our clothes for Halloween. We made him wear a skirt! And heels! (15 cm :3) and he nearly fell,but luckily I was there to hold his hand XD
He also tried our Demonia boots and he liked it! Ofc. They are unisex anyway,and he is a punker...  He decided to go in them and some PVC leggings and "goth" blazer that we decorated. Good advertisement!
We will probably go to Halloween in a ...well... you will see :) It's a group mask,anyway. Probably.

MY ISTAGRAM IS KILLING ME! Jesus. It laggs all the freakin' time! Shows one picture every time i try to post something. DAMN THING!

Oh yeah. At Milan's we put on some facial mask. Everything was cool for the two of us,but Hannie didn't react well. I guess her skin was too dry or something... Anyway,get well soon <3 p="p">

And our computer is making weird noises.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Middle October

walking down the street i noticed beautifully arranged tree shadows

They were leading to one single house that is falling apart.Like it was pointing it out.

On the other side,I was facing the end of the dark :)

                                                               I just love shadow play!

Yesteraday Hannie and Milan came to visit us. Hannie brought us some stuff that she doesn't need. Like giveaways. She didn't want to give it to other people,so we had that pleasure ^_^
There are many Hello Kitty necklaces,some rings,wristbands... some fake eyelashes and makeup! It's like Santa came too early. We wanted to make something sweet for them,so we made muffins. 3 different tastes: white with chocolate,black (cacao) with cherry and black with chocolate and cherry! They were absolutely delicious! And made without oil or butter. I,honestly,forgot to put it in. But they came out even better that with it!

After we finished eating sweets,it was time for a walk. Our town is small,so we didn't have many places to go to.  Shortly after we arrived in the center of the town, we became hungry,collected money from everyone and sat in one amazing restaurant called "Poco loco". It is pretty,but that waiter was just simply annoying!  He was rude,harsh and he almost didn't answer our questions. Food was great,after all. It was always,and it will always be,probably. That restaurant is well known here. 



                                                    Just one beautiful morning in Pancevo!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn -.-

So it finally started.One day it was 35 C and the next 20 or less.So I got cold.Yay.Lovely.Just when I have to go to school and study and be normal.Just lovely.
All in all,we've been pretty busy these days,so I just didn't have time to write.Or I was just lazy XD We met some new friends ^^ I befriended 5 girls from my desk(?) and we are always together.We decided to take same elective subjects,so that we could study together.They are all younger than me,but I don't feel the difference at all XD I like all of my professors,they are  very nice. 
Here's part of the library:

Four days ago I met with Hannie. We went out together with her mom to walk one little doggie named Lilith. Hannie's mom saved her,she was hit by a car.She had only 3 % chance to live,and she made it.Lilith is on every lucky dog!And she is so smart and cute! :3 Everyone was looking at her while I was standing with her in front of the store,waiting for Hannie and her mom.It was somehow weird O.o 

At some point Hannie came out of the store and told me to go inside and help her mom pick something out.I went in and she told me to pick something for myself.I was like wuuut?Why?No!I don't wanna! XD But in the end I couldn't refuse her...So she bought me and my sister BB cream by Two Faced *O*  I love it!It's so cute!And it's good.Though not so good as Korean BB cream.They have the best ever!

I will write a little review for Two Faced BB cream.It has really nice structure,it is light enough for my skin and it's very smooth.I can't see it at all when I apply it.Although it doesn't cover up so good.It only makes skin a bit smoother and more even.As I said already,Korean BB is much better for that.

The day after that we went out with Milan. Hannie and Natalia should have come with us,but they canceled at the last moment :P We kind of had a feeling that we are going to end up alone XD We had really nice time,walked around,ate cake,drank coffee.We were really relaxed and in the good mood.

Yesterday we were supposed to go to Candy's place and throw a party.But I didn't feel good enough to stay up all night.So,unfortunately,we cancelled. :( And I was SO looking forward to it....
We went out for a walk and ended up in Belgrade.We came back wet as mice.But that's story for another post :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Painting the walls...again XD

We'we been painting walls in our living room today.We have to finish it tomorrow,before school starts for real.Walls will be gray,so we are planning on putting some interesting pictures on them to lighten them up ;)
Anyway,what we wanted to write about are last 3 days.We had so much fun!

First,we went to see Hannie.We walked for few hours,drank coffee,looked around.It was really relaxing.We also drank some fresh juice with grapefruit,it was so bitter :O But somehow,it was very refreshing.I stayed at Hannies place that night,and Katty had to come home,she had school the next day.

Haha this looks so weird XD
That coffee....mmmm yummy!
I saw this in the morning on the square:

Lovely!I really like flowers.I always wanted a big garden...
I'm gonna stop here.I will write the rest tomorrow.I'm too sleepy for that now.Bye bye!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Days of robotics in Belgrade

At Saturday we went to Belgrade again to meet with Milan.We walked for a while,sat at Kalemegdan fortress.Weather was really hot,like in the middle of the summer.A warm wind was blowing so it was really nice to just sit and watch the city from a high place.

In the main promenade there was this big balloon in the shape of a robot.So we wanted to see what's going on.We went in and saw robots.There were small ones that look like bugs and spiders.They are very interesting :) 

There was one small robot that can speak and walk and do lots of other stuff. We didn't get a chance to see it very well coz it was really crowded around it.So I just took some photos from afar.

There also were some small robots that recycle paper in the front of the gallery.They are so cute!They say something like "Recycling is not embarrassment" and "Thank you" and then you get little paper with thank you on it :333

There was also this computer that can tell how old you are,what mood are you in,what's you gender...It said that I'm 18 yrs old (+/- 7),Katty is 20 (+/- 5) and Milan is 12 (+/- 4) :'D hahahahah 

After that we went to see Hannie.We didn't see her for quite some time,so it was nice talking to her.We decided to walk back to Milan's place.It took us 2 hours to do that!We were so tired afterwards....But we just couldn't let ourselves go to sleep at 2 am ! XD So we stayed up till 4....We were watching X factor and that stuff.It's amazing how some people can sing. *O*
In the morning we went home pretty fast because we had some work to do at home.

On the first October we went to our faculties to meet professors and see our classrooms.Katty already knew some of the people that are going along with her (our friend Candy and Luka),and I didn't know anyone :( But I met one really nice girl that is studding Turkish together with me ^^ We had fun,choir was organised to sing us a hymn,and after that there was a small show.There wasn't anything organised on Katty's  faculty...:( We met afterwards in the McDonald's. I just had to drink their moka coffee :Q It's delicious!

Katty's lectures started yesterday,and my are starting on Monday.I'm very excited!I just had a lot of trouble picking up elective subjects...I don't see a point in those.
Oops,this is one long post!That would be it for today :) Hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pole party!

Last Friday was very exciting!Our friend Candy invited us over to her house.She was making pole party with her girls.They are all learning pole dancing.It's really an amazing sport!Very hard to learn.It takes a lot of strength  to only do the basic step.I tried it XD And failed.I have really,really week arm muscles....It was very interesting to watch them practice and have fun.All of them are very friendly and cheerful.We can't wait for the next party :D

Candy traded pair of her boots with one our shoes :D So now we have demonia boots.We didn't really take a picture of them O.o But you can kind of see them here: 

Candy collects these little horses :3 I love them!I have to buy one too...At least one. 

And I got to wear these really cool slippers :

Aren't they cute??Although you kind of have the feeling of wearing two left shoes XD
All in all,it was a great night!Just what we needed.We were really under a lot of stress these past few days.A lot of bad things happened so it was great thing to go out and have fun ^_^