Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some ideas for Christmas decorations

So,i was going through the shops with a friend yesterday,and we saw some nice New Year decorations.But they were pretty expensive T_T So i went through the net,and found some great ideas!You can easily make decorations by yourself ^^ Here are some ideas:
This one is soo easy!You just need some ice cream sticks,paint and some glitter ^^

For this you need some clear glass ball,ribbon and paint for glass

You have tutorial here:

You have tutorial here:

Yeah,I saw one really pretty door wreath that i intend to buy ^___^ but,i will sill think about it,it's almost 5 euros! O_O
Bye bye for now~~ <3

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Old crew together again!

We had guests today ^_^ I invited them to come,because of my b-day that was on 22nd November(i couldn't invite them on that day).There was only 7 of us ^^ I like to have small group of ppl at my house...It's more relaxed that way :P We chated,listen to music...I got some nice presents :))))) One friend didn't come because i didn't hear my phone,when she sent me a message to open the door :OOOOOO I AM SOOOOOOOO SOOOO SORRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((( damn.Hate when that happens T_T''
Apart from that,i had good time...Oh,yeah,Katty got a headache so she had to lay down....:( Poor Katty <3

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Starting a business soon!

We are getting ready to start our clothing "line"! Slowly gathering information and collecting money :) It will be,probably,fully realized in February or so~ We can't get fabric before February,so we are unable to sew.. (we can,but with simple fabrics,which is boring..) This country doesn't have any conditions for success if you don't have some links outside of it. It really sucks.. Yeah,we can get fabrics only by our friend who lives in England.. Because shipping to Serbia is 44 GBP !! That is absolutely insane!! We would have to set some enormous prices for our clothing,and we don't want that.. Also,because of variety in sizes,there will be pieces from 60 cm waist to 85-90,so no one will be disappointed :)
We are struggling with this very much,because of money lack,but we will succeed! :D
We have faith! :D


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chinese/Turkish makeup review!~

I just have to make this post. I am amazed by these!
This is liquid foundation...

And this is the powder.. It sparkles! :D

The b-day dress is finished!!!

Well,i have finished this lovely dress yesterday,and gave it to my beloved sister <3 She was (and is) sooo happy to wear it! :D Happy b-day to her!! :D I've bled,cried,yelled and slept over this dress to be done,so don't say it's not pretty!! XD (it is hand-made,without any machine)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Babysitting for the first time!!!

Yup,that's right!I became babysitter XDD Today was my first day...And it was actually nice!The kid is 5 yrs old,and he is such a cute child!!He gave me a hug immediately!I just melted :333 I hope we will be good friends ^^
I'm in cut mood,so here are some cute pictures ^___^

Monday, November 14, 2011

At friends house :)

You already know that we went to Belgrade at Saturday.And that Katty got drank XD We stayed at Hannie's place that night.Katty went straight to bed,but Hannie and I were hungry so we decided to make a quick dinner/breakfast(it was 3:30 am XD).We made rice with Kari,Soy sauce and some other spices.Hannie chop some meat and mixed it with spices and cooked corn beans.We mixed all that and added pieces of fresh tomato :D it was really tasty! The next morning(or should we say afternoon? ) we ate and then just chilled.Soon Katty went home,because she had some work to do,and I stayed at Hannie's.We watched anime "Yami no matsuei" (it's great!) till 2 am XD So i stayed another night...And this morning we watched anime again,and ate sweets....It was really nice ^_____^

Before we mixed everything:


Done! XD

Yummmmyyy sweets!!!Rafaelo balls are really tasteful!

And this is just random XD I LOVE this Candy Doll blush!(but unfortunately,it's not mine,it's Hannie's XD)

You can find it here:

Bye bye~



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Don't ever drink vodka on an empty stomach!!

I drunk vodka yesterday on an empty stomach and i got really drunk for the first time in my life. (i only drunk about 2 shots)
I felt sooo strange! Everything was twisting around me,everything seemed like in some weird dream in which i am flying around and hitting walls. I felt dizzy and couldn't hold things or myself on legs. After awhile i had to lay down. They brought me sparkling water,food, yogurt.. Everything that should be of some help,but it wasn't... I didn't throw up (because i usually don't,whatever the situation is) and it made it worse,because i couldn't get it out of my stomach.
For the situation to be worse,i was sad and really tired. All the things that bothered me before i drunk gathered to make it really bad. And it broke me down. I had missed more than a half of the b-day and i slept for about an hour (at least they told me i did)...
So,the point is: DO NOT GET DRUNK!!! -.-

love,Katty Ankoku

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New clothes!~

Yeah!We went shopping today!!!!Happy happy!We went to Chinese mall in Belgrade.We just LOVE to go there.You can find so many great things for small amount of money.They have great jewelry stores.There is one small fast food restaurant,we eat there every time we go.Food is great!Although it looks kind of...not nice XD haha if you don't like to eat at places that look pretty dirty and ruined don't go there XD But,we have to say that it is actually clean,and we never felt sick after eating there.We found some jumpers on sale (lol it's kind of funny to find sale there).So we bought 5 jumpers,some jewelry,foundation and some other stuff.
Right now we are at Hannie's place,getting ready for Deanna's B-day ^^ We're gonna party tonight!!Woohoo! XD See ya!
This was in the morning :

This is THE food XD

These are the clothes we bought~

And jewelry! :D

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tea party XD

Well,we can tell that yesterday was successful :D No alcohol=no problems XD hahah It lasted few hours...We had lots of fun XD Omegle served it's purpose :D Cake was good,we ate more than half of it!Grandma was really pleased,she made it..And Katty likes her presents!So,here are pictures,they say more then words XD