Saturday, November 12, 2011

New clothes!~

Yeah!We went shopping today!!!!Happy happy!We went to Chinese mall in Belgrade.We just LOVE to go there.You can find so many great things for small amount of money.They have great jewelry stores.There is one small fast food restaurant,we eat there every time we go.Food is great!Although it looks kind of...not nice XD haha if you don't like to eat at places that look pretty dirty and ruined don't go there XD But,we have to say that it is actually clean,and we never felt sick after eating there.We found some jumpers on sale (lol it's kind of funny to find sale there).So we bought 5 jumpers,some jewelry,foundation and some other stuff.
Right now we are at Hannie's place,getting ready for Deanna's B-day ^^ We're gonna party tonight!!Woohoo! XD See ya!
This was in the morning :

This is THE food XD

These are the clothes we bought~

And jewelry! :D

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