Friday, November 4, 2011

Dying my hair~

This is how it looks like before washing and haircut!~ I put more of the pink dye and a few drops of blue one (RAW colors). It SHOULD be something between purple and pink..but it will probably be something just purple. On the other side i put some pink,blue and purple ^^ I hope it will look good in the end! :D Today at 6pm i'm going to my hairdresser <3 I hope he won't be annoyed by my new color XD (he is getting stressed every time i walk into his salon,coz i always have different color~ and i always say that i want something else XDDD) I tried to remove color from my face,hair,body etc. with some ashes.. but... ok,i did remove it,almost,but i scratched my skin so hard that it hurts @__@

These are my ruined nails:

DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT GLOVES!!! Seriously! It's really hard to wash it off.

Yes,i wanted to do a full transformation of myself for my 18. b-day. I won't be able to do really FULL transformation,but i'll try to do my best in what i can do. And i will try to lose some weight too in some next period.. (like till spring?)I did lose few kilos in past 2-3 weeks,but that's surely not enough XD I feel rather excited to convince myself in doing stuff i wasn't able to do. I don't know if i will succeed or fail,but wish me luck! :D

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