Sunday, August 21, 2011

New shoes!

I bought them for 24 euros (they had only one pair (my size)) and before that they were about 110 euros XD How lucky am i? :DD They are really comfortable and you can run in them if you want to XD :DD They are made from leather~ the real one XD

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The last few days...

So,this is our 4th night in Belgrade. we had amazing time here,and now there is stagnation of emotions xD We are at Hannie's place,but 'till now we were at Alex's and Silvija's. It Was fun. Last night we struggled to save their cat. He was shaking from the moment we saw him walking out from the bathroom. He couldn't move his back legs normally and had no strength to jump or anything else. Calling people didn't help,so we had to visit some pages on the internet. In the end,we made him drink water and eat,and later he got better. Now he is hyper and meows all the time. He's probably allergic to that thing we put on his neck for bugs. It is good that it passed. Coz we ran through the area looking for some grass and medicine,or advice how to make him trow up or something if he was poisoned. Guess he's not.At beer fest was great. 1st day was kind of boring,but we were glad that we've been with those people at least. The warmness around our hearts when they are around can't be described. So next day we had great time. Simple minds had concert and we enjoyed every second of that sound. Later there were Goblins and Orthodox Celts. (Goblins are some kind of punk and Orthodox play Irish traditional music)We chilled when Goblins were on stage,but Orthodox gave us the beat! We danced through their music. Every person was dancing. Dust was flying everywhere,and when we came back to Alex's and Silvija's apartment,we took mug out from our noses. We were tired as we have never been tired in our lives. Anyways,we slept a little,and later that day we went out for our friend's b-day. It was fun. We drank at Kalemegdan and had great time together. We ran with balloons (fighting with them)through main street,laughing and jumping around,but then the negative energy came. Drunk friends appeared and our good mood didn't exist anymore,like it never existed. They were screaming,trowing bottles of alcoholic drinks around and drinking in the middle of the street,with a bunch of people around. After we said goodbye we ran for the last bus that night and came back home. Before that we saw that UFO,and after that saved cat (Sergay).Yesterday (around 4-5 pm) we came here. (To Hannie's) and ate xD And had fun exploring depths of Ji Jing book and some cards. XD Soon we will go to sleep. ^^ Have a good night ,folks. BYE BYE xx


This is,m,like, 4th week we don't have internet at our place. So we can't post,no matter that we have 485703570 photos and many things to write. When we get our internet back,we'll have many,many posts. For now,we've been to Laibach concert,Beer fest,saw UFO!!!! and many many other things :P and,yeah,we screamed "edge of glory" (Gaga) on top of Kalemegdan (old "castle" in Belgrade) ^__^ so,we'll post some photos now,and the rest will be posted later! :D love you guys

Monday, August 8, 2011

No net,still...

Just to let you know-when we get internet again,there will be post about LAIBACH live that was held on 07.08.2011 ^^ Love ya all!