Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eh...no title :P

Time passes really fast lately !When I look back it looks like it was a week or a month ago when we went to Girugamesh concert,or Orochi....or Despairs'Ray or Guild.It has already been a year or more from all of that!And soon it's time to go to LM.C :D It's so close now!Can't wait!

Ok,what I actually wanted to write is this last Saturday.We went to a club with alllll of our friends! :D Yay!Ok,not all of them,Hannie didn't come :( But we went to her place before going out...We all gathered at square.

Went to buy some drinks before 10pm (they don't sell alcohol after 10 anymore) and then just chilled until everyone came.Then we headed out to the hill near the club.Greg was such a sweetie to carry my bag for me (it was really heavy and I was on heels T_T) <3 We spent some time on the hill,sitting on the grass,taking pictures and just having fun.

Then we went in.There wasn't a lot of people inside yet,so we just occupied one big sofa/bed whatever.

It was Lady Gaga's night,so music was good.
It was so hot dancing in that red dress that i wore!Actually,Katty and I didn't really plan going to the club,so weren't dressed properly.We were overdressed XD
It was very lively when people gathered and started dancing.Especially when Judas-Lady Gaga and We found love-Rihanna started.Everyone jumped around,singing.
Well,there were some problems later on,but I'm not going to write about that -.-''
Afterparty picture:

Oh,well,not so scary,right? XD

Friday, March 23, 2012


Dad gave us some chocolates today :D The are called "Delirium" by Nestle.YUMMY!They are awesome!Really tasty!

Yesterday I went out with some friends.Katty stayed home,wasn't in the mood.We went to some pub,it was karaoke night.There weren't a lot of people but it was very lively ^^ Everyone sang and had fun.We spent two and a half hours there XD After that we went for a walk.Weather was great,and it felt as if there was more than 10 C.I like to go out with Aki and her boyfriend.They are fun ^^

Unfortunately I didn't take pics of my outfit :( I had ripped leggings,high-waisted shorts,white blouse and purple blazer ^^ And heels ;3
So...that's it for today :P Bye bye~

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At last spring!

Spring starts! :)
Last few days were so busy...I was at my grandma's place,sticking wallpapers.It is a hell of a job -.- Only because walls on her house are so old and uneven.It took us 3-4 days to finish everything.But it was worth it!The room now looks sooo much better!

We had lunch there.We looove grandmas cooking!

My picture is missing somehow -.-'' Oh,our grandma looks so much better live than in pics!She doesn't look old at all!
Everyday after that,i was going for a walk.I'm so used to it now.I can't let a day pass without going for at least an hour long walk.And I can say that it's very good for me!Just because of that I started losing wait X'D Not that I really worry what I eat every day...

This was when Katty went on a short trip to Vrshac with our dad:

It's Gothic cathedral.Very pretty!And big...

What do you think of trends for this spring/summer?I think it's just adorable!I love flower patters,dots and all that stuff ^^ It's very girly and feminine!And full of colors!
Moschino Cheap & Chic spring 2012 collection:

Alexander McQueen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I made a necklace! By myself x'D *Sophie's here*
It's have been a hell lot of work! I'm left handed so it was really hard to cut all the pieces with scissors that are supposed to be for right handed people..
Oh,and btw I do something like this when I'm in a bad mood :P
All you need is a piece of jeans,some random fabric,TICK TEXTILE WALLPAPERS,wool,BLING!! anything you like,basically !
And some really good glue,like super glue,needle and thread?.. and scissors XD and TIME!! And creativity :) And PATIENCE!!! Just that much :'D
Have fun if you do this at home!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello Darlings!

Haha,I just love when we go to Hannies place and then go out.It's always fun(when she actually wants to go out) :D
So,yesterday we got there,put some makeup on and went out.Walked for a while,got some compliments and some dirty looks.Haha there were people who liked the way we dressed up,and there were others.We sat in Choco Cafe,outside.They have blankets on chairs so we weren't cold.Those were so soft!!! ^__^ We drank cocktails :
They were yummy!

There were some Italians sitting next to us.They ordered RAKIJA :D I thought that they were going to drink it in one shot,but they didn't :( Haha...
After that Hannie called her dad and said that we will go to his place to eat.Unfortunately we don't have pics of the place,but we DO have pics od the FOOD!(that is more important)

Few more pics from cafe:

< Oh,yeah,we persuaded Hannie to ride on the tram.That was when we were on our way to the cafe/restaurant.

It was pretty cool aside from the fact Hannie got drunk and started screaming random....crap.Yeah so that is basically it and we hope you enjoy this post! <3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012

I just watched this video:


You should watch it too!Share it everywhere!It's going to help people become aware of things that are happening in Africa.
There is a man who kills people, abducts children and makes them kill their own parents.
He has to be stopped!
This has been going on for 26 years now.It is high time to stop him!
So please share that video and go to their page to sign the pledge!You have the link below the video!
And ofc,donate if you can!

This planet would be such a nice place for living if there weren't people like him....And if it weren't those people who like money more than this planet.How come they don't understand that money won't mean nothing it this planet is destroyed???Stupid people.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Ok,since i really,really like pin-up style,I wanted to find some nice online shop ^^ And I did!!!!I found this amazing shop that has beautiful dresses!They even have swimwear! *___________________________* But they are a little pricey T_T Although they do have sizes ^^

They also have shoes,bags and accessories...

I want this swimsuit :

Isn't it lovely??? *_*
And I think this one would be perfect for Katty:

I have this problem...I just CAN'T decide which style I wanna be...It annoys me...I like so many different styles that it's crazy!At the same time I would like to be pin-up,gyaru,oshare kei,visual kei...lolita!So I end up mixing a bit of everything! :D Haha works for me! :P
She's really cute,right?

Actually some pin up dressed are similar to lolita!Like this one:

First two are (as u can see) pin up,and third one is loli ^^ Adorable!

OMG i just found this!!!!!

Absolutely lovely!!Although really pricey T_T
This is from that site:

Ok,so it's enough for today XD Hope u like it!Bye bye~