Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello Darlings!

Haha,I just love when we go to Hannies place and then go out.It's always fun(when she actually wants to go out) :D
So,yesterday we got there,put some makeup on and went out.Walked for a while,got some compliments and some dirty looks.Haha there were people who liked the way we dressed up,and there were others.We sat in Choco Cafe,outside.They have blankets on chairs so we weren't cold.Those were so soft!!! ^__^ We drank cocktails :
They were yummy!

There were some Italians sitting next to us.They ordered RAKIJA :D I thought that they were going to drink it in one shot,but they didn't :( Haha...
After that Hannie called her dad and said that we will go to his place to eat.Unfortunately we don't have pics of the place,but we DO have pics od the FOOD!(that is more important)

Few more pics from cafe:

< Oh,yeah,we persuaded Hannie to ride on the tram.That was when we were on our way to the cafe/restaurant.

It was pretty cool aside from the fact Hannie got drunk and started screaming random....crap.Yeah so that is basically it and we hope you enjoy this post! <3

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