Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At last spring!

Spring starts! :)
Last few days were so busy...I was at my grandma's place,sticking wallpapers.It is a hell of a job -.- Only because walls on her house are so old and uneven.It took us 3-4 days to finish everything.But it was worth it!The room now looks sooo much better!

We had lunch there.We looove grandmas cooking!

My picture is missing somehow -.-'' Oh,our grandma looks so much better live than in pics!She doesn't look old at all!
Everyday after that,i was going for a walk.I'm so used to it now.I can't let a day pass without going for at least an hour long walk.And I can say that it's very good for me!Just because of that I started losing wait X'D Not that I really worry what I eat every day...

This was when Katty went on a short trip to Vrshac with our dad:

It's Gothic cathedral.Very pretty!And big...

What do you think of trends for this spring/summer?I think it's just adorable!I love flower patters,dots and all that stuff ^^ It's very girly and feminine!And full of colors!
Moschino Cheap & Chic spring 2012 collection:

Alexander McQueen

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