Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fashion Show

During this last weekend I was posing in one atelier.I never imagined it was such a hard job.Katty did it too two weeks ago.She was felling ill after it.I didn't feel ill  but I was so very tired and out of energy.It took me two days to recover, and my shoulder still hurts :O I met some interesting people and one guy painted a picture of me in pretty colors (pink, light yellow, light blue..).All in all it was one interesting experience.On Sunday, after I finished my job there Katty,Milan and I met on square and went to a fashion show.It was held in a place called Super Market.

It's one pretty cool place made so you can sit there,eat,drink, buy clothes and  sometimes there are some events.Unfortunately we find out too late about this fashion show to anticipate, so we just went to see what's going on.It was about young fashion designers that were competing to win awards for their work.It was quite interesting.Although it could have been organised better.We saw some nicely dressed people.This is one of young designers:

                     And this is one of the models.We really liked that dress.It is our favorite of that night.

                                       We didn't stay for too long, only enough to see who won.

                                 Katty got positive comments for her outfit.I really like it too :3 
                      I still didn't get pictures from Milan...When I do, I will post them, they are pretty~

Yeah, sorry for such a long period of not writing, we were really busy.And I somehow didn't have motivation.But now we have some things that we can write about, so you can expect new post in next few days ^___^ 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Marilyn Monroe,Charlie Chaplin and others

When we went out with Niki,Nikoleta and Alexa we found some awesome wall in a hall of a market we went to.It had pictures of famous people like Marilyn Mornroe,Charlie Chaplin,Michael Jackson,Maddona and so on...We found it very interesting and wanted to take some pictures there :D 

                                                                 It was soooo funny!

After that we went to Niki's and Alexa's place,made fruit salad and watched "Beovizija" (Beovision?).We didn't like any of the song.They are SO freaking boring!It's seriously unbelievable! -.- Can they make at least ONE good song?It's good that we didn't watch it from the start,we came when number 6 was singing.Blah.All in all,that's it for today~ 

Hope you will enjoy your day,I know I will because weather is finally sunny and warm ! :3 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meeting an old friend after looong time!

We finally met with Yuki today! I was so so so so happy! We couldn't match up with our school until now T_T But today we talked for ,like, four hours and it wasn't enough ! Katty stayed only for an hour and a half, she wasn't feeling very well. For the last two days she was posing as a model in some atelier so she got stiff. Yuki and I stayed in cafe and talked....and talked XD I enjoyed it so much! I hope we will see each other more often now. Tomorrow school again. I really have to start studying now! If I don't, I will end up in chaos again, like in January when I didn't have time to even go out for a walk. Don't wanna that happen again :@

                                                 Milk-shake :D Coffe and banana flavored !

 I took this picture few days ago in some bakery shop! Hahaha I jumped like crazy when I saw it XD Kuroshitsuji popped up in my head immediately  Sebas-chan~