Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meeting an old friend after looong time!

We finally met with Yuki today! I was so so so so happy! We couldn't match up with our school until now T_T But today we talked for ,like, four hours and it wasn't enough ! Katty stayed only for an hour and a half, she wasn't feeling very well. For the last two days she was posing as a model in some atelier so she got stiff. Yuki and I stayed in cafe and talked....and talked XD I enjoyed it so much! I hope we will see each other more often now. Tomorrow school again. I really have to start studying now! If I don't, I will end up in chaos again, like in January when I didn't have time to even go out for a walk. Don't wanna that happen again :@

                                                 Milk-shake :D Coffe and banana flavored !

 I took this picture few days ago in some bakery shop! Hahaha I jumped like crazy when I saw it XD Kuroshitsuji popped up in my head immediately  Sebas-chan~ 

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