Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Off-school days!

Our father is not letting me go to school because of the temperature outside. I have some health problems,so he wants to make sure that I don't get ill again...and again... As I always do..He talked to my headteacher and she said ok,but to bring some paper with excuse xD
I hope they will tell me all my homework,because i don't want to get stuck working some things while I'm going to school,struggling with other things. It's very often that they don't tell me all of it XD I guess they forget even their heads at school/home :D
But it's all forgiven... Because I succeed every time in doing what is needed...
At this moment,at school,we are doing silk painting,weaving,textile design and scene costume design :)
Because I have problems with people who stole some of my work,I won't post much of it here.. Only things that me/with my sister,did for some b-day or something like that...
This school is giving me many applicable ideas for making money! :) So I am really grateful.But it is really exhausting. And instead of sewing and tailoring,we have weaving and printing (on textile). It is really wrong,because we don't know how to do tailoring and realize some of our drawings. As for other things,they are making us capable of finding a solution to many problems in design.
However,going to this school is not cheap at all. We have to buy supplies for every professional subject and I have to pay monthly ticket for going to Belgrade and now even in Belgrade. (Yes,i was traveling without a card because I can't pay that much).. Also there is surviving at school all day-food,many other expenses,like case for paper etc.
If you are going to study design in Serbia you better prepare big amount of money for it.
EVERYTHING must be paid for,nothing is paid by the government (no matter that it is public school),and it is really expensive to buy,for example, paper in school. It's third time the price in some other stores,out of the school.We don't have any budget which can help students in need to go to that school or anything. That part really sucks.

Monday, January 30, 2012

B-day present idea!

Two left-behind photos from when Hannie was in our town :3
Posing XD

And the b-day present for our friend !
All in one was around 3,5 euros :O
That jar was 1.5 e,card 5 cents,that animal magnet thingy 60 cents,bows 2 for 40 cents,and those black also,candy was around 40 cents.. and that Minnie is for pencil and was 15 cents :3
It was really cold outside when we went to buy all this.. We were brainfreezed XDDD totally!
No matter that we had hats,scarfs,coats and few layers of clothes. Wind was blowing really hard! It was so annoying to put back the hat on its place -.-

We ran through the town like crazy trying to find something interesting.. At last we found this.. ^_^ Few minutes ago we added some chocolate into the jar...


Retarded snowman from our neighborhood :D

Friday, January 27, 2012

early b-day present!

So we made an early b-day present for Hannie :)
We did silk painting~ As we didn't know what to paint exactly,we did improvisation .. Sophie was kind of insecure with drawing thin lines around it,so I did that part of job...And we put on colors together! It looks amazing! Next time we'll probably record the process,now we didn't have time as we did it from 2 pm till 9 pm I think.. With few pauses :D Anyways,here is the final product :P

As you can see,we mixed many styles and used really intensive colors (it's for Hannie after all) <3 We also had a few problems while in process because it's our first work on silk! Only problems were : we spread some color to wrong places and we didn't have frame for silk painting.. so we hooked it to one side of the bed and put a shelf on the bed so we can hook other end :))

one end...

the middle

other end..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hannie in Pancevo again :D

MOST IMPORTANT THING RIGHT NOW!Hannie got us tickets for LM.C concert in Budapest in May! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <3 <3 <3 happpyyyyy!!! ^__^

So,Hannie came to Panchevo again :) We sat in that pizzeria from before and ate bruschetti ( AGAIN ) And then Sophie came to join us. After that we went to second hand shop to look for some things for cosplay. As we expected,those were there,so we bought them :) We can't tell you how does it look like,but it costed about 3,5 euro each... (400 dinars)...A jacket and pants (each 400 din) :) Absolutely amazing and that jacket is,like,totally new ! :D We mat Ninna after,so we went back to our house,because my stomach hurt -.-'' And ,ofc,we talked crap and had some weird conversations with our mom. Also,I tried out some silk colors I bought for school assignment... They are amazing!

And this was few WEEKS ago! :D
This was 2 weeks ago,we just vent to drink coffee and walk ^___^

When Nina and I went to Belgrade(few days before New Year),we saw this:

Looks yummy,right? X'D It was very tiring day....we walked for so many hours...
We went to some mall,and instead of entering FEMALE toilette ,we entered MALE X'D And we didn't even know until we went out...and we weren't only ones XD

And this was on a very cold day T_T I waited for Nina to finish skating on ice for an hour and a half....I was freezing to death -.-'''

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Art studio~!

So,yesterday I went to art studio for the first time! (the private one,not that in school!)
It is amazing! They are really kind and good teachers and that place is absolutely stunning. It's in an old building with high roof and is really well decorated! All around are pictures made by them (the 3 Lalic (Vladimir,Sonja and Ratko(their dad))) and it's really simple and bright.
What we did is 3 settings of still life (we had to choose 1 of 3~).That is for the beginning. Later we will do some model (a person will come to be drawn) and some fashion figures,because all of us there want to study fashion/textile design.
This is my first drawing there.. I have to relax a bit more in future :P
And I was sleepy XD All two times ! (Yesterday and today~)
And I have to make myself tough,because i will not be able to go out on weekends till that exam for faculty.That paper is 70x100 big,but I drew on about 70x70 or so... ^^

This is the place.. I took these photos from their official facebook page~

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter?What is winter????

Yup,that's right,we don't have real winter anymore -.- It's January and the flowers BLOOMED.I mean i love nice,sunny weather,but it's time for SNOW!And all we got from it was this:

And it lasted for 2 days.....So now it's sunny and great,but still...
Anyways,on that snowy day,I met with Niki and we visited our old school ^^ We stayed for two hours X'D It was nice being there again..

Nothing special happened in last few days so I don't really know what to write :P
Oh,yeah,that thing with internet happened but everyone already knows about it XD But if you wanna,you can sign the petition against S.O.P.A :

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last few days....:P

On 13th January Milan called us...He just got back from Paris(went there with his modeling agency) and asked us if we want to hang out tomorrow night.So we called Hannie and met up.Milan was 20 mins late,and Hannie 1:30 h -.-''''' We were pretty much pissed off.But then when they finally came it was all good XD We went to some cafe,drank hot chocolate ^^

It was really cold and we already walked for quite some time before that,so we decided to go to Hannie's place.We had lots of fun XD Played some games,chased each other around.Ordered pizza :D (yup,pizza again :P ).

We watched this:

It's just amazing!So many beautiful people! *________*

We came back at 6:30 am X'D And I slept for only 5 hours T_T I was so tired next day >.<