Sunday, January 22, 2012

Art studio~!

So,yesterday I went to art studio for the first time! (the private one,not that in school!)
It is amazing! They are really kind and good teachers and that place is absolutely stunning. It's in an old building with high roof and is really well decorated! All around are pictures made by them (the 3 Lalic (Vladimir,Sonja and Ratko(their dad))) and it's really simple and bright.
What we did is 3 settings of still life (we had to choose 1 of 3~).That is for the beginning. Later we will do some model (a person will come to be drawn) and some fashion figures,because all of us there want to study fashion/textile design.
This is my first drawing there.. I have to relax a bit more in future :P
And I was sleepy XD All two times ! (Yesterday and today~)
And I have to make myself tough,because i will not be able to go out on weekends till that exam for faculty.That paper is 70x100 big,but I drew on about 70x70 or so... ^^

This is the place.. I took these photos from their official facebook page~

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