Friday, January 13, 2012

FEVER! In the morning.. xD

haha i got fever yesterday evening xD Lucky me! -_______-''
I am so fucked up now that i feel like electricity is going through my whole body.


I want it to go away :(

I got some bad cold. My throat feels like it's going to jump from my neck and i can't eat anything that is harder than yogurt.
Best solution is to drink loads of hot tea and keep myself warm. But tea get very ugly after some time -.- I get sick of it even more...
Our grandpa got out of the hospital today,and I can't go to see him because i'm ill. DAMN YOU ILLNESS!!!
He had heart operation :/ I hope he'll be ok in the future! I'm so happy that he is ok now.Well,not really ok,but fine. He has to be on some awful diet and stuff and that will drive him crazy probably.

Yesterday evening we went to our friend's place. (Alexandar)
As we came,we watched some movie about robots that is really cool! Oleg (one of our friends,one of those twins on pics) knew every detail of the movie ^_^
After we made pizza with meat! Basically all you have to do is to make dough,put some ketchup with origano on it,put minced meat(any,as you desire),add mushrooms(on which is salt put before that), and A LOT of cheese :3 And fresh tomato if you want ^^
We ate well :3
And then watched some other movies...Which was made in Thailand about some drug dealers and stuff. Lots of fighting! That main character guy is amazing! Not very pretty,but absolutely stunning fighting scenes he can do!
Oh,yeah,Aca (Alexandar),tried to teach me how to play something on his base XD I failed.. Well,i did something good,but the most of it i couldn't play :D Silly me

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