Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boring day :(

Oh what a boring day..
Today we did.... NOTHING.

9gag all the day.

And some drawing for school but that doesn't count....
Anyways,tomorrow we will try to make some wigs for cosplay that will be in 5 months ^_^
It is kind of early now,but it is better to prepare earlier than too late..
this will be our first serious cosplay,so wish us luck!

... tuturututuuu... *Listening to Phantasmagoria atm* <3

Good thing is that we have height and faces for persons we are impersonating! So lucky! :D
errmm.. I can't tell you much about who we are impersonating,but hopefully we will rock !!!

oh I feel dizzy every time i think about my homework :( I have to do 1 project (60 x 60 cm with tempera) and 2 for some differential exams because I transferred to current school from one that is totally different,and in 2nd year as well XD

We ran onto some really cool site for design! (mostly interior)

You can look if you want!

OH! OMG! these are some VERY OLD pics from cosplay 2009?... i don't know O_O
It was pretty amazing,no matter that we weren't in actual costumes. It was our 2nd time on ANY Japanese lovers meeting...
(actually it was 2nd cosplay EVER in Belgrade...)

About an hour ago we ate -THIS-
Mom took us for a dinner in a restaurant! :D All of a sudden she was like "oh do you want to go and eat bruschetta?"

And so we went there..Restaurant is called "Porto" and it's really warm and nice :3
And small :D

Also... don't wear eyeglasses if you have different vision diopter(dioptrija?) on them. Coz your fuckin' eyes will look like this! O_____________o

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