Monday, January 30, 2012

B-day present idea!

Two left-behind photos from when Hannie was in our town :3
Posing XD

And the b-day present for our friend !
All in one was around 3,5 euros :O
That jar was 1.5 e,card 5 cents,that animal magnet thingy 60 cents,bows 2 for 40 cents,and those black also,candy was around 40 cents.. and that Minnie is for pencil and was 15 cents :3
It was really cold outside when we went to buy all this.. We were brainfreezed XDDD totally!
No matter that we had hats,scarfs,coats and few layers of clothes. Wind was blowing really hard! It was so annoying to put back the hat on its place -.-

We ran through the town like crazy trying to find something interesting.. At last we found this.. ^_^ Few minutes ago we added some chocolate into the jar...


Retarded snowman from our neighborhood :D

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