Thursday, January 5, 2012

"elite" in Pancevo XDDD

Present from Yuki <3 It is too tasty to survive XD

last night Milan,Hannie,Chris and Yuki came to our city! It was really fun,no matter that they were 3 hours late -.- Yuki wasn't ..she came 4 hours earlier XD So we talked at our place and after that went to meet others. As they don't know how to use BUS they came by a TAXI -.-'' Oh,well,it's all forgiven XD We spent some time in "Porto" pizzeria *drinking cappuccino and espresso...and hot chocolate* They were amazed how prices are low here :3 *about 2-3 times lower*
After we finished we went with Yuki to catch a bus on the station.. She was afraid to go with "linear taxi" as it's called here (like vans and cars that take money for rides..) so we waited for bus to come.
Chris constantly kept talking shit XDD and imitating "bitches" so we lold XD
Milan bugged few times (he said 2 words in different shapes and never said the right one so he gave up XD)
After that we went waling around,and took phone number from some "fast food" (it's not like mcdonalds or kfc,it's our,Serbian,fast food,which is made out of real things. Not those plastic ones ^^ and it looks like it is on the picture XDDD)

We ordered it when we came home.. Our mom spent some time with us while we were talking crap XD She laughed really hard XD
As we were talking we imitated some people,talked about our trip to Netherlands etc.
We made Chris pull his hair off of his face!!!!

He is BEAUTIFUL with his hair pulled back in ponytail~!
As we are camwhores,we took many photos XD So here they are!

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