Friday, January 27, 2012

early b-day present!

So we made an early b-day present for Hannie :)
We did silk painting~ As we didn't know what to paint exactly,we did improvisation .. Sophie was kind of insecure with drawing thin lines around it,so I did that part of job...And we put on colors together! It looks amazing! Next time we'll probably record the process,now we didn't have time as we did it from 2 pm till 9 pm I think.. With few pauses :D Anyways,here is the final product :P

As you can see,we mixed many styles and used really intensive colors (it's for Hannie after all) <3 We also had a few problems while in process because it's our first work on silk! Only problems were : we spread some color to wrong places and we didn't have frame for silk painting.. so we hooked it to one side of the bed and put a shelf on the bed so we can hook other end :))

one end...

the middle

other end..

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