Monday, September 24, 2012

Old cars!

Two days ago there was an event in "Aviv park" during which they were showing old cars.It wasn't anything special,but it was nice looking at those.We weren't allowed to sit in the cars though -.- But one guy let us take pictures in his ! Haha
D, Nikoleta and Maja came along.It was really hot and sunny,so we didn't stay outside for too long,but we went looking through stores.Maja bought some really nice shirt in NewYorker-olive green.
So...yeah this is pretty much only picture post XD Oh,and just to say this: we tried on every BB cream that we found here (Maybelline,Garnier etc.) AND THEY ALL SUCK.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New dress and boots!

Our grandma went with us to shopping mall today so we can look at some skirts that we want her to make for us! She said that it is really easy to make,so we will get them in few days probably. On my way to the shopping mall I visited one second hand shop. And bought a dress for about 1,20 euros! It really comfortable and pretty! Our dad gave us the money for Sophie's boots,so they were bought on the same day. Just few minutes ago we came back from the store. As she didn't know what to buy,she chose those which are the most practical and comfy. But they are pretty too! The price is about 26 euros,which is not much. They were on sale. This is the dress without belt. It looks way better with a belt around the waist. The length is about 10 cm under my knees (I am 186 cm tall,so it is really long :P). It is quite wide,but the belt makes up for it!
And boots!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rainbows under my feet

Today I saw rainbows on the ground! Across the graveyard XD It was so cool! Just don't mind the fact that it is motor oil. ^____________^

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Facial mask horror madness.

Yes. I look like someone who desperately needs treatment. But I like it! That light and face just explain emotions! I love photos made like this. Anyway,we bought some facial masks from company BELEA. They are really good. Last time we bought some with honey and milk I think,and now we got one with zinc. I feel good after putting it on my face. Now that it's removed,skin is really smooth and matte. It also removed some of the blackheads I had on nose and around it. You should try it if you know where to get it! It cost less then 1 euro here and it's for 2 times.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Our dear friend Alex came to our town today do buy some shoes. I found them for her because she couldn't . She fell in love with them instantly and bought them of course. (black ones)
She brought KINDER chocolate <3 and we love her even more because of that !
After she finished shopping,it was time to go to Chinese mall to see if they got anything new. It ended with buying some plastic pearls. It just looked so good in combination with BB cream package that we had to take a picture of them together.
Alex wanted to buy us a drink,so we sat at the caffe in which our very good friend works. That lemonade was awesome! Alex has a need to put about 3 bags of sugar in it,so I felt sick while she was putting them in. I drink it without sugar,so it's really gross for me to see sugar while drinking.
Today was amazing! Alex stayed really short,but we talked all the time. As we went to school together (not same year...) we had so much to talk about! She is on finishing year and I finished it already. I miss the school. Really much. But I'll get over it.Somehow. :)
Tomorrow will be a long day,so we're going to sleep early. Hope we will dream about something nice :)

Creative days!

Day before yesterday we started making some necklaces and stuff..As we want to sell them,they are put to two different websites :) You can check it out here: They are handmade. I spent hours making them,but I'm proud! Hope it will sell well :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rain at last!

It's raining here,finally!I'm really glad,even though it came late -.-
So,yesterday I went out with Nikoleta to  get some fresh air.I was pretty nervous because I argued with grandma.I just snapped!She get's on my nervs constantly,but I always let it go.Yesterday I just couldn't stay silent anymore.And I did good,she stopped talking about nonsense stuff she usually does.She just HAS to make problem out of EVERYTHING.Jeez...

Anyways,we went out (Katty wasn't in the mood) and walked for tree and a half hours!In heels.My legs were killing me after that...But it was nice.We saw some cute sweaters and boots in the mall.I'm king of thinking about buying boots like these:

Although it would be better if they were brown or something.I can't combine pink ones with everything.And I need something to wear everyday....So I will think about them.
Actually,yesterday should have been Israel days here in our town.But I guess it was canceled because of the weather.I was really looking forward to it...One girl that we know is leading the dance group,and they were supposed to dance.
I like this top very much. But I think I could make myself a better one . XD

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walking,laughing and having fun

Hello! :)
So,we went out yesterday...We just wanted to get out of the house for a while.So we first went to see our grandparents.On our way there we saw this little girl sitting in front of her house with her grandmas and selling apples.We just couldn't resist and had to buy some!And we did well because they were very tasty!

Later on we went to city center and met with Nikoleta.We didn't know what else to do,so we went to the park and took some pictures.Weather was really nice!I love this time of year...The only problem is that rain still hasn't fallen.I don't know if it rained for like...3 times this summer O.o It's awfully dry.

We saw some really cute doggies.Some organisation was giving them away for free.There were kitties as well.Really cute!But we already have too many cats here so we can't take any more XD

We also saw this puppy that was soooo cuddly!It's only 3 months old,but it looks pretty big.Although,I think it won't grow any more than that. :3

Oh,I kind of went off topic XD We ate some really nice ice cream...At some point S. and D. called us to come to D's place,so we went there.We drank some home made mint juice *_* It's great!
We borrowed some great cook book from D!It has some really nice pictures in it..Like this one:
And these are some details we had on ourselves :
Razmišljam da počnem da pišem i na srpskom....Ne znam da li je to dobra ideja?Da li bi neko podelio svoje mišljenje? :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Muffins !

Today our good friend Yuki (not real name) came to our town to visit us! For that ocasion we decided to make lunch and...MUFFINS! For lunch there was chicken in cury sauce,rice (chinese way of cooking) and tomatos :) As for muffins,we made them white with chocolate cream tables :) (eurocream). For muffins you need: 250 g fleur, 100-200 g sugar (depends on your choice), 250 ml milk baking powder (a bit of it) ,baking soda (about 1 teaspoon) ,1 egg, 50-100 ml oil and other ingreadients that you want to add (chocolate,cherries,nuts,...anything,really). You mix all dry ingreadients in one bowl and liquids in other one. Firstly you mix egg and then add milk and oil. After that you slowly add dry stuff in it and mix it all together until it is smooth. You can use paper bags or baking brass with molds. Just make sure that the brass is fully covered in oil so it doesn't stick. Fill molds to the middle and after that add that ingreadient you chose. (chocolate or something) That way is better because it can be equally divided in molds. Then you bake it for about 15 to 18 minutes at 250 C. To check if it is baked you should sting it with wooden stick (a small one,it's ok to use chinese one..). If it doesn't stick muffins are done! :D
Anyway,we had fun today. After baking muffins we set on the terrase,drank coffee and ate them. xD Next thing we did was going to chinese mall to look for hair acessorize.We bought one hair pin and one hair holder.We couldn't ressist!Those are so cute!
On our way to mall we met Nikoleta,so she came along.Unfortunately she couldn't come to our place...So we walked Yuki to the station,and went home.It was very nice day today!