Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Muffins !

Today our good friend Yuki (not real name) came to our town to visit us! For that ocasion we decided to make lunch and...MUFFINS! For lunch there was chicken in cury sauce,rice (chinese way of cooking) and tomatos :) As for muffins,we made them white with chocolate cream tables :) (eurocream). For muffins you need: 250 g fleur, 100-200 g sugar (depends on your choice), 250 ml milk baking powder (a bit of it) ,baking soda (about 1 teaspoon) ,1 egg, 50-100 ml oil and other ingreadients that you want to add (chocolate,cherries,nuts,...anything,really). You mix all dry ingreadients in one bowl and liquids in other one. Firstly you mix egg and then add milk and oil. After that you slowly add dry stuff in it and mix it all together until it is smooth. You can use paper bags or baking brass with molds. Just make sure that the brass is fully covered in oil so it doesn't stick. Fill molds to the middle and after that add that ingreadient you chose. (chocolate or something) That way is better because it can be equally divided in molds. Then you bake it for about 15 to 18 minutes at 250 C. To check if it is baked you should sting it with wooden stick (a small one,it's ok to use chinese one..). If it doesn't stick muffins are done! :D
Anyway,we had fun today. After baking muffins we set on the terrase,drank coffee and ate them. xD Next thing we did was going to chinese mall to look for hair acessorize.We bought one hair pin and one hair holder.We couldn't ressist!Those are so cute!
On our way to mall we met Nikoleta,so she came along.Unfortunately she couldn't come to our place...So we walked Yuki to the station,and went home.It was very nice day today!

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