Friday, September 21, 2012

New dress and boots!

Our grandma went with us to shopping mall today so we can look at some skirts that we want her to make for us! She said that it is really easy to make,so we will get them in few days probably. On my way to the shopping mall I visited one second hand shop. And bought a dress for about 1,20 euros! It really comfortable and pretty! Our dad gave us the money for Sophie's boots,so they were bought on the same day. Just few minutes ago we came back from the store. As she didn't know what to buy,she chose those which are the most practical and comfy. But they are pretty too! The price is about 26 euros,which is not much. They were on sale. This is the dress without belt. It looks way better with a belt around the waist. The length is about 10 cm under my knees (I am 186 cm tall,so it is really long :P). It is quite wide,but the belt makes up for it!
And boots!

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