Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walking,laughing and having fun

Hello! :)
So,we went out yesterday...We just wanted to get out of the house for a while.So we first went to see our grandparents.On our way there we saw this little girl sitting in front of her house with her grandmas and selling apples.We just couldn't resist and had to buy some!And we did well because they were very tasty!

Later on we went to city center and met with Nikoleta.We didn't know what else to do,so we went to the park and took some pictures.Weather was really nice!I love this time of year...The only problem is that rain still hasn't fallen.I don't know if it rained for like...3 times this summer O.o It's awfully dry.

We saw some really cute doggies.Some organisation was giving them away for free.There were kitties as well.Really cute!But we already have too many cats here so we can't take any more XD

We also saw this puppy that was soooo cuddly!It's only 3 months old,but it looks pretty big.Although,I think it won't grow any more than that. :3

Oh,I kind of went off topic XD We ate some really nice ice cream...At some point S. and D. called us to come to D's place,so we went there.We drank some home made mint juice *_* It's great!
We borrowed some great cook book from D!It has some really nice pictures in it..Like this one:
And these are some details we had on ourselves :
Razmišljam da počnem da pišem i na srpskom....Ne znam da li je to dobra ideja?Da li bi neko podelio svoje mišljenje? :)

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