Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rain at last!

It's raining here,finally!I'm really glad,even though it came late -.-
So,yesterday I went out with Nikoleta to  get some fresh air.I was pretty nervous because I argued with grandma.I just snapped!She get's on my nervs constantly,but I always let it go.Yesterday I just couldn't stay silent anymore.And I did good,she stopped talking about nonsense stuff she usually does.She just HAS to make problem out of EVERYTHING.Jeez...

Anyways,we went out (Katty wasn't in the mood) and walked for tree and a half hours!In heels.My legs were killing me after that...But it was nice.We saw some cute sweaters and boots in the mall.I'm king of thinking about buying boots like these:

Although it would be better if they were brown or something.I can't combine pink ones with everything.And I need something to wear everyday....So I will think about them.
Actually,yesterday should have been Israel days here in our town.But I guess it was canceled because of the weather.I was really looking forward to it...One girl that we know is leading the dance group,and they were supposed to dance.
I like this top very much. But I think I could make myself a better one . XD

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