Friday, December 30, 2011

WE BOUGHT HEADPHONES! Those nice ones. We have never had pretty ones.That's why we are happy now to have them! They were on sale,so we payed about 18 euros for 2 ~
That is New Year's present from our grandparents from mother's side.

THIS SHIT GOT SERIOUS! We don't have smileys!!


Anyways,they are GENIUS'S headphones,something "born for music" .. Sound is really good~ Now we can listen to music when mom is sleeping XD Without getting her annoyed! YAY ! Although,she never complains about it. Except for screamo bands,which she think are trowing up the whole song ^____^

At the center of our city there is some play today. Some girl is singing reggae music! She is awesome~

Yesterday we spent a lot of time downstairs in our house with grandparents (dad's side).Their friend is staying here,so she made us dinner.She cooks really good. There was some pasta with meat and something else! Here is the picture of that something else. It's a "pie". Tasty one XD with goat cheese, oregano,salami (is that the way to say salama in english? it's like made in meat factory and it's wrapped?)and eggs :)
*too many calories,but who cares*

This evening we are making cookies for tomorrow..and the day after...and after... and after.. if they are not eaten the first day. It depends of how will they taste like!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Fun fun fun XD

Yesterday was fun!!Hannie FINALLY came to our town!First me vere at our place.Katty and I made mushroom soup :D After some time,we went to our grandma's place.She baked some rolls.They were great as always!
We forgot to take picture of them,but this is what they look like:

After that we went for a walk.It was nice,we played around XDDD Bought something for one really cute stray dog to eat.She was so happy!!We love animals ^_^ I wish we could have taken her home with us....But since we have 5 cats already... XD
We watched some video of Golden Bomber,soo..:

:D They are so funny!

All in all,great night :D

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas tree....made of books?

Yeah,since it is kind of bad situation with money here,we couldn't buy real tree. So we made it out of books. It looks cool ! :D
We also added some decoration to it ;) PICS!

And yeah,we made another one with ...something?haha no idea how is it called in English XD

Saturday, December 24, 2011


So,our friend,Hannie, won the competition for lenses from Pinky Paradise! I picked Pinky Twilight Blue ones. They are great! That yellow color in the middle is totally blended with my natural color,so it fits perfectly! I had a few problems with putting them in my eyes as i was scared to do so X'D Now i just have problem with my fingers which are,for some reason,very sticky for lenses and they stick to them instead of my eyes T___T but after few minutes of trying i succeed! :D It takes time to learn how to put them correctly,but they are great anyways! I never had any lenses before. That's why i have problems with putting them in. I recommend these to anyone! :DD I also got frogy case for them! And some stickers for hair XD I don't how to say it ^^ They are used for taking hair off of your face when you're doing makeup or so.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Sorry for not writing so long :P But i kind of wasn't in the mood...Yesterday morning snow fell for the first time this winter ^^ Only a little,but enough for roofs and tries to be white.
Since i didn't have some photos in my computer,Nina sent them to me and here they are!
I was with Nina in "Usce" mall,and that singer just approached me XDD I was like WTF???I didn't even recognize him in the firs place XD His name is Jay(Dzhej) and he is folk singer.I actually liked him when i was little :P He seems like a nice person. Unfortunately Nina took pictures from faraway -.-''

I was pretty much in a shock XD Someone just jumped on me and wrapped his hand around my waist waiting for Nina to take pic XDDD It was really funny !

We had great time that day.
I will post more tomorrow,i have to transfer some pictures to computer first :P Katty took batteries with her to school...Byeee~~

Saturday, December 17, 2011

second try! :D

trying,and trying... and trying XD so enjoy in my painful voice! :D

Singing XD

Well,i kinda failed. But who cares? I have throat problems for months now and i like to sing! (i think singing before problems are gone is the main problem,but i can't control myhself XD)enjoy in my fail! :D <3

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Those people finally decided to decorate our town for Christmas!Yay.And those are crap.

WOOOOW.Is that a snowflake? Oh,it is. Wow.

Anyways,I went out with Niki and his friend.We had nice time,walked around,set in the park.I spent 3-4 hours out,and it was nice ^^ After that i went to see grandma.Then mom came to pick us up,and we went to hospital to visit grandpa :) When we came back,i set with Katty and talked,decided to make some paper Christmas tree :D You will see it soon,i have to finish it ^_^

Isn't it lovely??Pure white ^__^

I like our town,it looks pretty in the sunlight :3

Monday, December 12, 2011

Going out! Part 2 XD

So,after we finished walking we sat in bakery called "Skroz dobra pekara".They have great food!We took some nice pics there ^___^ After that we took a bus home.

this is "Accessorize" window :) lovee :D

just listening to awesomeness :

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The day after the party is always the same: u just wanna sleep XD

We went to Pleasure and Pain party yesterday XD It was great!A lot of people came.Almost all of our friends...We danced till 3 am :P Party was organised by [:CyberNation:] (The were DJs at the party we organised as well).There was performance of one guy and two girls "dancing" (18+ XD).We met one girl that knew us from FB :)

Oh yeah,all that happened at the club called "GUN".Also,our friends and us were in VIP room :D haha,it's good to know ppl XD It's a really good club,great interior.Our mom was so kind to come pick us up at 4 am :D Love u mom! XDD
these are some pics.. ^^



I look scary here XD and Katty looks beaten up XDD hahaha