Thursday, December 8, 2011

My 1st makeup tutorial failed. Much.

Yeah,i made makeup tutorial. And the first video won't play. IN ANY OF MY PLAYERS,which i have around 5-6. Yeah. Other two,who last about 2 minutes each,can be played. BUT THE ONE WHICH IS 10 MINUTES LONG WON'T !!!! Majority of that tutorial WAS in it. And i am pissed off,because i have just lost an hour of my life making something that won't play!!! FUCK YOU CAMERA AND COMPUTER!!! Anyways,some other will HAVE TO PLAY or i will throw this shit through my fucking window~~!!!!!!!
^___^ I have failing in taking pics video (it was set on recording a video) eyes look really radiant yellow-green.. i think it's because i'm that much pissed off XD I can play some role in TWILIGHT without those lenses they wear XD YAY ME ~!! video won't upload FOR SOME STUPID REASON!!!!!

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