Saturday, December 24, 2011


So,our friend,Hannie, won the competition for lenses from Pinky Paradise! I picked Pinky Twilight Blue ones. They are great! That yellow color in the middle is totally blended with my natural color,so it fits perfectly! I had a few problems with putting them in my eyes as i was scared to do so X'D Now i just have problem with my fingers which are,for some reason,very sticky for lenses and they stick to them instead of my eyes T___T but after few minutes of trying i succeed! :D It takes time to learn how to put them correctly,but they are great anyways! I never had any lenses before. That's why i have problems with putting them in. I recommend these to anyone! :DD I also got frogy case for them! And some stickers for hair XD I don't how to say it ^^ They are used for taking hair off of your face when you're doing makeup or so.

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