Sunday, December 11, 2011

The day after the party is always the same: u just wanna sleep XD

We went to Pleasure and Pain party yesterday XD It was great!A lot of people came.Almost all of our friends...We danced till 3 am :P Party was organised by [:CyberNation:] (The were DJs at the party we organised as well).There was performance of one guy and two girls "dancing" (18+ XD).We met one girl that knew us from FB :)

Oh yeah,all that happened at the club called "GUN".Also,our friends and us were in VIP room :D haha,it's good to know ppl XD It's a really good club,great interior.Our mom was so kind to come pick us up at 4 am :D Love u mom! XDD
these are some pics.. ^^



I look scary here XD and Katty looks beaten up XDD hahaha

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