Thursday, December 15, 2011


Those people finally decided to decorate our town for Christmas!Yay.And those are crap.

WOOOOW.Is that a snowflake? Oh,it is. Wow.

Anyways,I went out with Niki and his friend.We had nice time,walked around,set in the park.I spent 3-4 hours out,and it was nice ^^ After that i went to see grandma.Then mom came to pick us up,and we went to hospital to visit grandpa :) When we came back,i set with Katty and talked,decided to make some paper Christmas tree :D You will see it soon,i have to finish it ^_^

Isn't it lovely??Pure white ^__^

I like our town,it looks pretty in the sunlight :3


  1. hahahahaha bukvalno u najlepshem SVETLU,da nije tog svetla.. XD