Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baking pie! XD

Yup,yup,I baked a pie :D Actually it's called "gibanica".I love it,and i love to make it....It's really easy to make.Here's recipe:
1/2 kg white cheese (not too salty or too sour)
2 dl mineral water(with bubbles)
2-3 dl yogurt
1 dl oil (or little more,however you like it XD)
3 egs
crust for pie(2 packages)
Heat the oven on 200 C
You mix the eggs first.Then add crumbled cheese and mix it till it's smooth.Add yogurt and oil,mix a little more and add water and salt(it it's needed).Take casserole/brass,oil it.The layer of crust and put it on the bottom of the brass,you have to cover it all,along with its sides.The you take 3 layers of crust and dip them in filling,then squash and put it in the brass.When you use all filling put few layers of crust at top of the pie.Between each layer pour some oil and spread it.Put it in the oven and wait till it's done!It should get nice color,but you have to watch out not to get to dark.Enjoy!

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