Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going to the movies?Not!

We should have gone to the movies,but we didn't... Hannie's mom forgot to get us tickets,but it was ok ^^ <3 After Hannie got ready *which took her about 2 hours XD* we went to the "Ušće" shopping mall. They decorated it for Christmas! It is very nice and colorful. After running through "streets" of mall,we sat at the MONUMENT cafe ~ We have placed ourselves on some table,but they told us,after like 10 minutes,that we can't sit there if we don't eat. So pissed off we were... Anyway,we moved to another table and ordered vitamin,exotic and imuno mix (like non-alcoholic cocktails) and PLAZMA (some really good cookies)shake with chocolate cup and another with dried fruits! We ate it no matter that we want to lose some weight :3 But,after that we went by foot across the bridge and to another part of the town! (to Hannie's place).. Sophie's and Ninna's feet had hurt so badly that they couldn't walk normally.. (they were in heels -.-)We ran for the bus,because we thought that we would be late XD We came in time! Walking to our house was kind of better after running for so long.And then we went to sleep. XDDD hahaha very interesting day,anyways! :D

The sky looked really beautiful!

There was a "castle" in front of the mall.We actually forgot to take picture of it alone XD

That dress is new ^_^ I bought it on sale in Peacocks(it was 17 euros in stead of 34!!)I just love it so so much!


This was on the bridge.It's a shame that pics didn't work out good :( We screamed on it XDDDD It felt really good!But it's kind of embarrassing if someone comes up XD

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