Thursday, December 22, 2011


Sorry for not writing so long :P But i kind of wasn't in the mood...Yesterday morning snow fell for the first time this winter ^^ Only a little,but enough for roofs and tries to be white.
Since i didn't have some photos in my computer,Nina sent them to me and here they are!
I was with Nina in "Usce" mall,and that singer just approached me XDD I was like WTF???I didn't even recognize him in the firs place XD His name is Jay(Dzhej) and he is folk singer.I actually liked him when i was little :P He seems like a nice person. Unfortunately Nina took pictures from faraway -.-''

I was pretty much in a shock XD Someone just jumped on me and wrapped his hand around my waist waiting for Nina to take pic XDDD It was really funny !

We had great time that day.
I will post more tomorrow,i have to transfer some pictures to computer first :P Katty took batteries with her to school...Byeee~~

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