Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lightening my hair with honey

Yup,i tried lightening my hair in natural way :P I think it actually worked,but it's only one shade lighter T_T But hair looks nice,and it's not damaged!I will try doing it again next week,or maybe even before,but I will hold it for a little longer than now(I had it on my hair for 2 hours).You have to pay attention to washing it off of your hair -.- Use shampoo to wash it!!

I mixed 2,5 tea spoons of honey,and a little more than that water.

Looking scary here,right? XDDD And i have no idea why this pic looks so dark O_O

Then you wrap your hair in plastic bag or something like that

And then put towel around XD And leave it be...for how long as you want.Just don't overdo it :P

Tadaaaaa XD It's just a liiiittlleee lighter than before X'D

P.S. sorry for so ugly pictures XDD Bye bye~

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