Friday, December 30, 2011

WE BOUGHT HEADPHONES! Those nice ones. We have never had pretty ones.That's why we are happy now to have them! They were on sale,so we payed about 18 euros for 2 ~
That is New Year's present from our grandparents from mother's side.

THIS SHIT GOT SERIOUS! We don't have smileys!!


Anyways,they are GENIUS'S headphones,something "born for music" .. Sound is really good~ Now we can listen to music when mom is sleeping XD Without getting her annoyed! YAY ! Although,she never complains about it. Except for screamo bands,which she think are trowing up the whole song ^____^

At the center of our city there is some play today. Some girl is singing reggae music! She is awesome~

Yesterday we spent a lot of time downstairs in our house with grandparents (dad's side).Their friend is staying here,so she made us dinner.She cooks really good. There was some pasta with meat and something else! Here is the picture of that something else. It's a "pie". Tasty one XD with goat cheese, oregano,salami (is that the way to say salama in english? it's like made in meat factory and it's wrapped?)and eggs :)
*too many calories,but who cares*

This evening we are making cookies for tomorrow..and the day after...and after... and after.. if they are not eaten the first day. It depends of how will they taste like!

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