Friday, May 18, 2012

I went with Nikoleta to Belgrade yesterday.We had so much fun ! :D We walked for about 5...My legs were killing me!I had to wear some pink shoes that i don't usually wear.I dressed that lovely dress that Katty made for my last b-day.I just LOVE to wear it!I feel so happy every time i do that...

We went to look for new cell phone for Nikoleta,but we ended up trying on shoes and so :'D
 It started raining at some point so we had to run for shelter.We laughed like crazy.
I tried these on:
in this shop:
 They are so good!I didn't expect them to be so light and comfortable!
We saw a lot of tourists...And went to shop called Sayonara that sells silk.We found parasols and fans,so she bought one.Black of course...I like white one ^^ They look like this:
The seller was really nice :3 Oh,yeah,some guy came to me and asked me to take picture together XD Hahaaha i was like WTF? I giggled and said OK...So this is it:
He wanted us to make Popeye pose ,but I just didn't want to...
We also went to shopping center.I took picture next to Johnny Depp poster made for Dark Shadows movie:
Can't wait to watch that movie!He's my favorite actor...
And,for the end:
I ate that!It's like a little cake.Very tasty!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

1st May !

It was great! We had so much fun :D There was around 20 of us.It was like school trip!We had to get up at 6 am in order to get to the Belgrade in time.We met with Niki,Luka and Nikoleta at station in our town,and around 8 we were in Belgrade on the spot.Most of them were there already.We set on stairs and waited for rest of them to come.People were looking at us wandering what we were doing.We took "school" picture :D
Our food stock :
It took us around 45 minutes to get to Grocka.It was so hot!George's and Nina's father came with a car to pick our bags,so that we could climb up the hill. Along the way we sprayed water on each other to cool ourselves a little.It took us around 30 minutes to climb up the hill.We had fun washing and cutting salad,playing with plastic swords,making different hair styles,playing cards...We also visited some burned house,went for a walk(and saw a BIG snake!).We ate barbecue :D It was gooood!
Hungry children XD
George's piece of art:
After we ate we felt like sleeping,everyone calmed down and it became quiet.We just chilled and drank some vine.
It took us great amount of time to get back to the city.We were sooo tired.But in a really good mood.George and Nina asked us to stay over at their place,so we came along with Milan.
Cold shower felt like heaven!We played some movie,but were too tired to watch it till the end.
All in all,it was a great day! ^__^ In the end of a day....:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

And so...

Few days ago we went to Belgrade with our mom and her boyfriend.Yeah,sounds awkward,right?But it was ok,we had fun...Mom bought me this:
It's lovely,isn't it? ^__^ It's a little painting.I can't wait to get my new room so I can hang it there!
There was a lot of people on the streets that day.It was really crowded.There was a lot of things that you could buy as a souvenir.Someone put something knitted around the street lamp.It looked so cute!
And here's us:
Mom and her boyfriend:
I don't want to put up his face,since i don't know if he would like it :P He bought us these rings:
That was really nice of him ^_^ He tries so hard around our mom :3
After walking with them we went to meet Milan.Unfortunately we don't have any pictures...But we had great time!First we went to buy b-day present for his friend(we found some really nice blouse in Peacocks and bathing gel with glitter in Lush).Then he bought us all coffee and we continued walking.In the end we ended up on Kalemegdan on little wall that looks across the Danube.We talked for 2 hours,I think.We were really disappointed when it was time to go home.