Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pijama party

So here we are at Stevana's place...watching some stupid horor movie.I don't like horors.They are ugly and stupid.And scary.I don't like scary things.I know,I'm a coward.But that's just how I am.So I decided to write something here while they are watching.We had lots of fun today.We made pizza,took some photos,listened to music and recorded ourself while joking around.Tomorrow we'll make pancakes :D With Plazma and Nutela ^___^ Yesterday Katty and I went to some small punk concert that our friends made.It was nice.Their band is called Antirost.Here's their video:
They are cool :) We took some photos,but they are not very good.Our little camera is not made for taking pictures in places like that.It's too slow -.-
They have some pretty cool mirror there,right?The whole toilet is awesome!They sticked around some great things,photos of some famous painters works.
This is Dacha,the singer of Antirost.He's cool!Unfortunately,that picture is blurry :(

The guy on the right is Djole and he is the guitarist in Antirost.He's very cool too!On the left is our friend Ilija (I hope he won't mind me mentioning his name here XD)
And for the end,here's a picture of our bag ^^ We love it so much!It's actually our grandmothers,but she gave it to us to use it... Oh,and just to mention-they are watching some other stupid horor now -.- I can't wait for them to finish.It's about some boy that's really creepy,and there's a lot of screaming and sounds of door shutting.Only horor movie that i liked is The orphan.That one's really good! Bye bye now...I'm really happy that I could write something long and with pictures again ^^

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Oh God tomorrow I will find out if i got into university ! I'm so nervous!I hope i will!I really, really wanna study Japanese language!We had entrance test yesterday...It was really stressful.Test in Serbian was so difficult!We were all shaking.Some girls got sick and had to be taken outside...:O When we finished tests (English and Serbian language) we went for a walk (Danica and her dad,Yuki and me). First we went for a drink.We needed something to refresh us after all that stress.It was really nice weather (not to hot) so we sat outside.After some time we got up and continued our walk.If was really nice,Danica's dad bought us ice cream :3 We walked for 3 hours or more.When I got back home I was so tired...But I stayed up till late to watch Lord of the ring on TV :D I just love that movie! I am really sorry for not posting any pictures or long posts,but we still don't have Internet at home.It really sucks! -.-'''' I miss writing here .Anyways,I have to go now... Lots of love!Bye! <3

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just a short note

When we get internet back,we will have a lot of things to post ^^ So just wait a little more.....<3 Right now I'm so busy preparing for entrance exam...I hope it will go well.I really wanna learn japanese language. :3 We have some news about Manson's concert,here in Belgrade-Serbia :D Our friend met him! You will read all about it soon.
This was taken yesterday,in Katty's school.She had her proom test.She made that dress.I love it! I will post all abut it soon as well :3 Bye bye!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Guys so,so sorry for not writing !We don't have internet right now....And we have no idea when we we'll get it...Right now we are at Milan's place,so I can write a short post.We had fun today.We walked for a while,met with our friends ,went to restaurant and right now we are at Milan's place.We ate muffins,and popcorns ^_^ Last week we were in Belgrade as well.Again with Milan,Stevana and Alexandra.Today Natalia was with us too!Here are some photos from the last time :) It was a great dat=y!

 I love to take pictures of shadows!Isn't it great!Those are: Milan,Stevana,Katty,I and Alexandra ^_^

 This one is my favorite!
 We ate Cezar salad!Yummy!