Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Oh God tomorrow I will find out if i got into university ! I'm so nervous!I hope i will!I really, really wanna study Japanese language!We had entrance test yesterday...It was really stressful.Test in Serbian was so difficult!We were all shaking.Some girls got sick and had to be taken outside...:O When we finished tests (English and Serbian language) we went for a walk (Danica and her dad,Yuki and me). First we went for a drink.We needed something to refresh us after all that stress.It was really nice weather (not to hot) so we sat outside.After some time we got up and continued our walk.If was really nice,Danica's dad bought us ice cream :3 We walked for 3 hours or more.When I got back home I was so tired...But I stayed up till late to watch Lord of the ring on TV :D I just love that movie! I am really sorry for not posting any pictures or long posts,but we still don't have Internet at home.It really sucks! -.-'''' I miss writing here .Anyways,I have to go now... Lots of love!Bye! <3

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