Saturday, June 2, 2012


Guys so,so sorry for not writing !We don't have internet right now....And we have no idea when we we'll get it...Right now we are at Milan's place,so I can write a short post.We had fun today.We walked for a while,met with our friends ,went to restaurant and right now we are at Milan's place.We ate muffins,and popcorns ^_^ Last week we were in Belgrade as well.Again with Milan,Stevana and Alexandra.Today Natalia was with us too!Here are some photos from the last time :) It was a great dat=y!

 I love to take pictures of shadows!Isn't it great!Those are: Milan,Stevana,Katty,I and Alexandra ^_^

 This one is my favorite!
 We ate Cezar salad!Yummy!

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