Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today in school was really fun. My dearest friends played fools whole day. And I couldn't stop laughing! 
You can see why:

And after all that I these too:
One phenomenal:

                                                           And others funny....


                                      And the last one really... well,pimpy ~ !

The mantel I bought yesterday is really cozy! I fell great in it. And it is warm enough :)
Luckily I went to that store yesterday. Today prices were... well,at least double~ 
Too bad,I wanted to buy another red jacket :( 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Clothing and pics

Katty found some things today.For a VERY low price.She is the master when it comes to finding stuff like that :D
She bought this lovely jacket :

And this mantel:

And yesterday I went to Hannie's place after school.She and her mom were packing thing up for their trip to London.We can't wait for them to return and tell us ALL about it!Katty went there before me yesterday,we didn't get to see each other :P I helped Hannie pack her make up.She packed "only" 3 kits :'D Oh, I love her! So,we washed brushes up,dried them,packed them and then drank coffee.She actually started drinking coffee next to me and Katty,because we ALWAYS drink it when we go to her place.Mmmm coffeeeeee.She asked me to just try drawing one of my eyebrows.We ended up with whole make up...And I LOVED IT .It looked pretty pin-up,and that's my favorite style.Ok,one of my favorite styles.Hannie took some pictures for me.I think they came out pretty good,right?Ofc,they are a bit photoshoped,but that's necessary,no? :D

                 These are some pictures that Katty took in her school.Looks like ghost house XD

                                                                Our dear kitty :


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Girls...afternoon out !

We went to USCE shopping center after awhile.
We didn't have much money after buying books at sale,but the walk through stores was very interesting. 
Some very arrogant and sarcastic girl/woman had the most perfect coat ever and I asked if I could take a picture of it. She allowed me to do that,but was very rude and we decided not to put it on our blog,so it wouldn't be violated. ^_______^

 That Christmas tree is AMAZING!

At the bookstore.. It was such a crowd! Everyone just pushed each other and stepped over feet... BUt it was worthy of it! We managed to buy 4 tick books for only 8... well,less than 8 euros~
The books are: THE TIME THIEF and TIME QUAKE from Linda Buckley-Archer,BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS from Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl .. And a book for our mom about India... ^_^
The only problem is... We didn't realize that the first ones are 2nd and 3rd part of the trilogy,second one is 2nd part of the trilogy and the last one is 2nd too XD BUt we will  get other parts soon...hopefully.
With the books we got sweets,drinks,SYOSS shampoo,some comic, perfume tester... Many things... For free .So we didn't have to buy food for some time :)

Outside the shopping mall there was a Christmas tree dedicated to recycling ,which is really cool! 

And at the college... I had a test in geometry today. I was nervous as hell and scored 24 out of 30 points... Disappointed.

I want that chair for my bedroom :(

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Short tights.

Yes,we know that we are writing 3 days in a row,but in our lives either it is everything in few days or either nothing happens at all for a month... 

Creativity attack! My spine. And shoulders. xD (katty) 
I accidentally found my roentgen films and got the craziest idea! So my body parts are all over walls now!
Daddy told me that it is brilliant but morbid idea. Well,it is.

                        We got money to buy new socks and underwear :333333 THOSE ARE UBER CUTE!
                                           Some Christmassy panties found their way into my basket too!


  Today I got myself a shawl and pillowcase for my room. Shawl is really pretty and girly (Just the opposite of me) and it goes beautifully with almost anything! (At least in my case...) Sophie bought barrette with spikes and some tights that are... too short for us T_T If someone from Belgrade wants to buy them... You can :)

"Namaste shefe!"
(Ko razume shvatice :))

Here are the tights...

(They are for height of 175 cm or less.)

Enjoy New Year sales!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

That Christmasy feeling

I'm finally starting to feel that New Year is approaching. They have put lights around the town and started lighting them up.It's very pretty!Can't wait for the weekend to walk around for a bit.I don't have time during working days.Today is St.Nikolas day,so we went to grandpa's and grandma's place after school.We had lunch there.I love when grandma prepares food for occasions like that! 
Yesterday I went earlier to Belgrade with Sandra.She had to do some things so I made her company :3 We went to some mall and took a few pictures:

Today Katty bought this skirt:

It's very lovely! It looks kind of like a punk-loli skirt!That's why we love it so much!
I did my nails like this:

I like all those colors!I only wish I had found some lighter purple shade.But I can't find it anywhere.
We also went for a drink with some friends.Cafe was so cute :3 They have Christmas tree,cakes,lights...

Enjoy rest of the day!