Saturday, December 1, 2012

December :)

It's already 1st December!Wow.Last month passed by so quickly!We totally didn't have time to write..We had a lot to do for school.So I'm gonna write about things that happened in November.My B-day was on 22nd November,so we invited some people over to our house.We had fun,talked a lot,everyone was very relaxed.Actually,it was gathering for both of us,because we only invited people from our town that we didn't invite for Katty's B-day. XD We have lots of friends and we don't have enough place for everyone at once XDDD Oh well...Although we didn't actually call anyone that wasn't from our town.Except for Hannie,Milan and Alex ofc.
Katty made me one lovely blouse!Actually she bought it and added some pearls and flower on it :3 I love it! It's my new favorite piece of clothing.Here's picture:

We got many cute presents :3 I like them all! I got two books that I REALLY really wanted to read!(The circle of time by Robert Jordan-last part,and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson)
I'm too lazy to take picture of everything. Yesterday we went to see Hannie.She was ill (before that we were ill) so we haven't seen each other for very long time.First we went for a walk,and to buy present for a friend's B-day.We also bought these:

Aren't these beautiful??We HAD to buy them!We bought one for Hannie as well.It's a little ballerina that looks like it's made of ice :3 We were like children when we saw those Christmas decorations.It took us some time to choose which one we wanna buy.I think we're gonna buy some more in the next few days :3

I've cut my hair yesterday.Finally.I feel so much better now!I will post about that tomorrow,I don't have enough time right now.Enjoy your day!

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