Wednesday, December 19, 2012

That Christmasy feeling

I'm finally starting to feel that New Year is approaching. They have put lights around the town and started lighting them up.It's very pretty!Can't wait for the weekend to walk around for a bit.I don't have time during working days.Today is St.Nikolas day,so we went to grandpa's and grandma's place after school.We had lunch there.I love when grandma prepares food for occasions like that! 
Yesterday I went earlier to Belgrade with Sandra.She had to do some things so I made her company :3 We went to some mall and took a few pictures:

Today Katty bought this skirt:

It's very lovely! It looks kind of like a punk-loli skirt!That's why we love it so much!
I did my nails like this:

I like all those colors!I only wish I had found some lighter purple shade.But I can't find it anywhere.
We also went for a drink with some friends.Cafe was so cute :3 They have Christmas tree,cakes,lights...

Enjoy rest of the day! 


  1. like! cake is <3
    hope you ll read us. xx

    1. We will! :D Thanks for the comment,hope you will keep reading us! <3