Thursday, December 20, 2012

Short tights.

Yes,we know that we are writing 3 days in a row,but in our lives either it is everything in few days or either nothing happens at all for a month... 

Creativity attack! My spine. And shoulders. xD (katty) 
I accidentally found my roentgen films and got the craziest idea! So my body parts are all over walls now!
Daddy told me that it is brilliant but morbid idea. Well,it is.

                        We got money to buy new socks and underwear :333333 THOSE ARE UBER CUTE!
                                           Some Christmassy panties found their way into my basket too!


  Today I got myself a shawl and pillowcase for my room. Shawl is really pretty and girly (Just the opposite of me) and it goes beautifully with almost anything! (At least in my case...) Sophie bought barrette with spikes and some tights that are... too short for us T_T If someone from Belgrade wants to buy them... You can :)

"Namaste shefe!"
(Ko razume shvatice :))

Here are the tights...

(They are for height of 175 cm or less.)

Enjoy New Year sales!


  1. veoma zanimljiv post :)
    ako zelis poseti moj blog, pratim te preko gfc, nadam se da ces me pratiti takodje :) <3

    1. Pa hvala :) Upravo ga otvaram,naravno da hotjemo! <3 leep je :3

  2. Zanimljivooo :))) Zadnja slika preslatka <3

  3. ha ha i ja sam stavila jednu svoju rengentsku sliku bila na zid. Uglavnom, dobro ti izgleda zid, a lijepe su i slike, pozdrav!

    1. Znaci nisam jedina sa cudnim razmisljanjem... xD Hvala :33333