Friday, February 22, 2013

Classical music & motorbike party

Yesterday I went to my first classical music concert!It was brilliant! ^__________^ I enjoyed it so much!They played Beethoven-- 5th Symphony in C minor, Op. 67 *that was opening song* .Later on they played Beethoven-Fantasia for piano, orchestra and chorus , C minor, Op.80.They also played Antonín Dvořák- Te Deum laudamus,Tu Rex gloriae,Christi...I don't want to write everything,no one probably wants to know anyway XD

Few days ago there was birthday party of a motorbike club that our parents are in.So we went :D It was crazy!So many people came!It was so crowded we couldn't even stand without anyone pushing us.Katty got nervous and left pretty quickly XD I stayed with Nikoleta,Dam Dam,mom and Dad.It was cool!Although some guys were really lame,grabbing girls a**** .Like seriously,is it possible that if girl is dancing she HAS to be a whore???Some guy touched me in the wrong place and I hit him.Stupid moron. I really wanted to start a fight at that moment X'D I was hoping we will turn around so I can hit him in the face.Apart from that,and one guy touching Nikoleta that got few words from my dad,there were no problems.I even danced with one guy :3 He was nice...Dam Dam stayed at our place that night *better said morning* .

We still don't have all pictures :( 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Just a short note! :)

From now on,you can visit our second blog in which we will post clothing that we made ^___^ Hope you will like it!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Selling a lolita skirt!

I'm selling handmade chocolate-brown lolita skirt! Skirt base is sewed by sewing machine ,and everything else is added by hand. Lace is sewed on by hand and patterns for prints (and printing is done by me) are made by myself ^_^ The print is in baby-pink and white color and it has little ballerinas. Waist is 62 cm and the length is 57 cm. I don't have petticoat,so it doesn't stand like it should on the mannequin ... I will accept best offer! (min 30 euros) Thanks :3 (photo with skirt on the parquet is in daylight~
Ako neko iz Srbije hoce da kupi,kosta 3000 :) Rucni rad je xD 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fabric,bags and food!

Yesterday was an interesting day. The weather was absolutely perfect and we were in a good mood. So we decided to go buy fabric for that collection we are working on and visit some other stores while going to eat cake!
First of all,I went to second hand store to check if there is any good blouse for something I'm working on. But instead of a blouse I found this,for Sophie:

It is adorable! Just Sophie's style XD We only have to put some chain or something on it,so we could carry it around not looking like complete freaks.
 After I came back home, we chilled a little,studied,drew... And then it was time for myself to go to Belgrade so I can buy fabric and other details for collection. I've found exactly what I needed and bought something for Sophie's coll. too. As I went alone,walking around while waiting for the other two was the best option.
Sophie was at Hannie's place at the time. I went to some eye wear shop to try glasses,as I have to buy new ones...
And figured out that only Yves Saint Laurent glasses work on my face... And they are expensive.
After that went to several other stores with makeup,clothes and stuff.. But one was just amazing. I forgot it's name ,but in it are clothes ,shoes and accessories with spikes! EVERYWHERE are spikes! IT IS AMAZING! It is really hard to figure out that there is some good stuff,because they put some awful shoes in their windows and then you don't have the desire to go in.
As the bakery store we wanted to go to didn't have a place to sit,decision fell on pizzeria ORAO,which wasn't a bad choice at all. The plan was to dinner and then eat something sweet after. We were full after the dinner,so the sweets will wait for the next time! Lasagna and pizza with pepperoni were our menu.
Here are some photos:

And song of the day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beautiful afternoon

This commercial is the funniest thing I've ever seen xD Seriously! Just watch and follow the instructions:

This afternoon was perfect! No matter that I was nervous, stroll around the city helped me to relax. New Yorker had a sale. So I walked in :) And found these for 3 euros,my size,last ones:

As for everything else... I was at Popovic's to drink coffee,bought some bob pins... And that is all! After the walk it was time to go visit grandpa... 

But yesterday we was walking together! Searching for our medieval costumes for the future. As we "joined the gang",we need appropriate clothing and accessories. The plan is to go to some fortress in April,so we must be prepared for the trip! The sky looked like this:

I started examining medieval period for real. I see it very interesting to do that in our era. For the first time in a while I feel like I really,really want to do something like this. To enjoy "imaginary" world and discover some"new horizons".

I think all of us should find their "inner world".

Monday, February 4, 2013

Medieval evening!

We were invited to attend medieval feast. Stunned by invitation and totally unprepared.we had to make outfits in only a day because there was dress code that had to be followed. So we asked our grandma for help. She was in a good mood so she immediately asked us what do we need and how she should make it.We found some pattern in "Burda" and used it to make upper dresses. The rest was made out of some things we already had at home.It was so interesting dressing up in medieval clothing!It's unexpectedly cozy. And it looks pretty good too! We made our friend Nikoleta come with us although she said she wouldn't because she wasn't in the mood. In the end she was all in high spirits and very happy that she came along (she was invited as well). We met a lot of cool people!They are all so communicative and full of life :D They made up some silly songs and sung them.The host of the evening,Damien,made food all by himself. It was awesome! He arranged big table, put goblets and food in old-fashioned way, without cutlery. There was home-made wine,brandy, and juice. It was so fun! We came out full of impressions,joy and food xD.Hopefully it will be held again soon :3 Guys were really very friendly with us,even though they only just met us, so we relaxed pretty quickly. Oh, yeah, very important thing! They are all practicing sword art,archery and stuff like that.They make weapons and costumes all by themselves! ^^ Great job guys!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tasty cakes

Yesterday we went out for a walk after quite some time.We didn't go out by day (only us two together) for..I don't know how long.So we really enjoyed it ^^ Later on we called our mother and told her to come to one pastry shop we always went to when we were little.It's 150 years old!They have VERY pretty Christmas tree every year.Really big and with lots of great Christmas decorations.We ate yummy cakes made of cherry's,chestnut,chocolate and cream.They make their own cream that has some special taste.This year they even made cookie jar full of  honey cakes ;3 I really miss times when we went there regularly,almost every weekend...They also have my favorite banana ice cream that is not too sweet but a little sour as well!

In the evening we went to our friend's place,watched movie (Cloud Atlas,like THE BEST movie I ever watched!! *O* ) and made some dinner :3 It was nice and cozy ... I have to watch that movie again!Never imagined it would be so good! All in all,we came back pretty late and  it was so hard to get up this morning XD But we had to.I spent ALL DAY typing some lessons I have to learn till 5th February T_T I thought I was going to die! Stupid elective subject.I don't get why the hell should I study about Greek literature or something like that when my major subject is TURKISH language?! Do you see any logic in that? No? Neither do I.
I just slightly went of subject XD Oops,sorry! Have a nice day/evening ~