Monday, February 4, 2013

Medieval evening!

We were invited to attend medieval feast. Stunned by invitation and totally unprepared.we had to make outfits in only a day because there was dress code that had to be followed. So we asked our grandma for help. She was in a good mood so she immediately asked us what do we need and how she should make it.We found some pattern in "Burda" and used it to make upper dresses. The rest was made out of some things we already had at home.It was so interesting dressing up in medieval clothing!It's unexpectedly cozy. And it looks pretty good too! We made our friend Nikoleta come with us although she said she wouldn't because she wasn't in the mood. In the end she was all in high spirits and very happy that she came along (she was invited as well). We met a lot of cool people!They are all so communicative and full of life :D They made up some silly songs and sung them.The host of the evening,Damien,made food all by himself. It was awesome! He arranged big table, put goblets and food in old-fashioned way, without cutlery. There was home-made wine,brandy, and juice. It was so fun! We came out full of impressions,joy and food xD.Hopefully it will be held again soon :3 Guys were really very friendly with us,even though they only just met us, so we relaxed pretty quickly. Oh, yeah, very important thing! They are all practicing sword art,archery and stuff like that.They make weapons and costumes all by themselves! ^^ Great job guys!

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