Friday, February 22, 2013

Classical music & motorbike party

Yesterday I went to my first classical music concert!It was brilliant! ^__________^ I enjoyed it so much!They played Beethoven-- 5th Symphony in C minor, Op. 67 *that was opening song* .Later on they played Beethoven-Fantasia for piano, orchestra and chorus , C minor, Op.80.They also played Antonín Dvořák- Te Deum laudamus,Tu Rex gloriae,Christi...I don't want to write everything,no one probably wants to know anyway XD

Few days ago there was birthday party of a motorbike club that our parents are in.So we went :D It was crazy!So many people came!It was so crowded we couldn't even stand without anyone pushing us.Katty got nervous and left pretty quickly XD I stayed with Nikoleta,Dam Dam,mom and Dad.It was cool!Although some guys were really lame,grabbing girls a**** .Like seriously,is it possible that if girl is dancing she HAS to be a whore???Some guy touched me in the wrong place and I hit him.Stupid moron. I really wanted to start a fight at that moment X'D I was hoping we will turn around so I can hit him in the face.Apart from that,and one guy touching Nikoleta that got few words from my dad,there were no problems.I even danced with one guy :3 He was nice...Dam Dam stayed at our place that night *better said morning* .

We still don't have all pictures :( 

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