Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fabric,bags and food!

Yesterday was an interesting day. The weather was absolutely perfect and we were in a good mood. So we decided to go buy fabric for that collection we are working on and visit some other stores while going to eat cake!
First of all,I went to second hand store to check if there is any good blouse for something I'm working on. But instead of a blouse I found this,for Sophie:

It is adorable! Just Sophie's style XD We only have to put some chain or something on it,so we could carry it around not looking like complete freaks.
 After I came back home, we chilled a little,studied,drew... And then it was time for myself to go to Belgrade so I can buy fabric and other details for collection. I've found exactly what I needed and bought something for Sophie's coll. too. As I went alone,walking around while waiting for the other two was the best option.
Sophie was at Hannie's place at the time. I went to some eye wear shop to try glasses,as I have to buy new ones...
And figured out that only Yves Saint Laurent glasses work on my face... And they are expensive.
After that went to several other stores with makeup,clothes and stuff.. But one was just amazing. I forgot it's name ,but in it are clothes ,shoes and accessories with spikes! EVERYWHERE are spikes! IT IS AMAZING! It is really hard to figure out that there is some good stuff,because they put some awful shoes in their windows and then you don't have the desire to go in.
As the bakery store we wanted to go to didn't have a place to sit,decision fell on pizzeria ORAO,which wasn't a bad choice at all. The plan was to dinner and then eat something sweet after. We were full after the dinner,so the sweets will wait for the next time! Lasagna and pizza with pepperoni were our menu.
Here are some photos:

And song of the day!

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