Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tasty cakes

Yesterday we went out for a walk after quite some time.We didn't go out by day (only us two together) for..I don't know how long.So we really enjoyed it ^^ Later on we called our mother and told her to come to one pastry shop we always went to when we were little.It's 150 years old!They have VERY pretty Christmas tree every year.Really big and with lots of great Christmas decorations.We ate yummy cakes made of cherry's,chestnut,chocolate and cream.They make their own cream that has some special taste.This year they even made cookie jar full of  honey cakes ;3 I really miss times when we went there regularly,almost every weekend...They also have my favorite banana ice cream that is not too sweet but a little sour as well!

In the evening we went to our friend's place,watched movie (Cloud Atlas,like THE BEST movie I ever watched!! *O* ) and made some dinner :3 It was nice and cozy ... I have to watch that movie again!Never imagined it would be so good! All in all,we came back pretty late and  it was so hard to get up this morning XD But we had to.I spent ALL DAY typing some lessons I have to learn till 5th February T_T I thought I was going to die! Stupid elective subject.I don't get why the hell should I study about Greek literature or something like that when my major subject is TURKISH language?! Do you see any logic in that? No? Neither do I.
I just slightly went of subject XD Oops,sorry! Have a nice day/evening ~

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