Monday, December 3, 2012

Artistic friends and shiny days

These few days were very busy. We had 2 birthdays of our friends,school obligations.. Now that we have good cells we were able to take some good photos of places and people! Our good friend Dacha has to go to another country and he doesn't know if he will come back or not. We are very sad because of this,but if he will be happy we will too. Dacha is one very strange but super good and cool person. Imagination that he possess is unlimited! Creativity in fashion,industry and other things are there as well. But he doesn't have a place where he would express those things,so he has to go. One of a kind artist I can say. Hopefully,he will find happiness and joy there! He made all of the hats,that icecream and almost everything in his room! That time we ate the best vegetarian dinner ever! I could live on his cooking. Really!
Here are some photos Katty took on her way through our town:
Oh,and boring day at school took its place as well...

until next time! kisses

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